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(Kozue's POV) "Oh, hell to the fucking no!!" I exclaimed with a frightened look on my face.

"What's your reason NOT to, Kozue??" asked Umeko with a questioned look on her face, wondering why I wouldn't even wanna get NEAR the man who saved our asses back there.

"Here are three reasons, Umeko," I said with narrowed eyes. "1, the man cut Amadour down in one slash, and 2, the man's name is BASIL HAWKINS!!!!"

"That's two reasons, Kozue…," Umeko said with an animated sweat drop going down her head with confusion in her voice.

"Exactly!!!" I exclaimed with a hint of fear in my voice. "The man ate a Devil Fruit that surrounds Voodoo. VOO-FUCKING-DOO!!! That's ONE thing you don't wanna mess with!!! In fact, did you see the way Hawkins cut down Amadour!? He cut him down with apathy and cruelty; he showed no mercy!!!!"

"I know that, Kozue," Umeko said with a small smile. "I just wanna thank him for saving me long ago… And for giving me my special treasure…"

"What treasure??" I asked, too shocked to even know that Umeko pulled out a plum blossom from her hair.

"My plum blossom…," Umeko said with a small smile on her face. "This flower was given to me by that man, and I swore to myself to find the man and thank him…

"Okay, Umeko," I began with a sweat drop falling behind my head, "what the hell is wrong with you, swearing to do that??"

"I really DID promise myself to do such a thing!" she said as she put her flower back in her hair. "The man showed me that there was a meaning for me to live through tarot cards."

"What the fuck, Umeko??" I asked in confusion, remembering that she would never do such a thing.

"Blame the man who saved me, Kozue," muttered the ever-so blushing Umeko with an embarrassed look. "Either way, can we please follow him so I can thank him once more?"

I was ready to smart mouth her off, but remembering that the guy saved my life, too, I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Alright, Umeko," I muttered as I turned to the path where the man walked off to. "You win this one, but if we get caught, I'm gonna hurt you!"

With that, I led Umeko down the path where the man walked, and for some odd reason, I know we're gonna regret this…

(Several Minutes Later…; Umeko's POV) "We're lost again, Kozue??" I asked in a confused tone as we hit another dead end once again, and it made me wonder how Kozue could get us lost so much without even knowing what she's getting us into.

"I followed his tracks, though!!" exclaimed the green-haired woman who gets lost 24/7 as we walked away from the dead end. "Zoro gets lost 24/7, of course, and he doesn't admit it!"

"I'll give you that, Kozue…," I said with a small animated sweat drop falling behind my head. "Either way, you got us lost for the fiftieth time in a row today. That's a new record, in my case."

"Shut your mouth, Umeko…," Kozue muttered under her breath as we got out of the dark alley.

We walked out of the alley, turned to our right, and what we saw over there was surprising: a pirate ship that doesn't even look like the Rose Brigade is on the port of Scarlet Island. Seeing how this was possible, I looked to Kozue, and by the look on her face, I had a gut feeling that she's thinking about getting us into some deep crap.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Ume-chan~?" asked Roronoa Kozue with a devilish smile crawling its way on her face, scaring me half to death.

"I do, Kozue," I began as I backed away from her in fear, "and I'm not gonna do it!!"

"Aw, come on, Ume-chan~," Kozue said as she drew closer to me with the smile still on her face. "It might be Amadour's ship~."

"Don't forget that Amadour lives here, woman…," I said with an animated sweat drop falling behind my head, fearing that the Jolly Roger blowing in the wind looked awfully familiar to my eyes. "Besides, he doesn't have a ship like this if his crew consisted of only 35 men who looked like a bunch of criminals that busted out of Impel Down!"

"Amadour and his crew were most likely captured by the Marines now," Kozue said with a shrug of her shoulders. "This island IS near Mariejois and Marineford, after all. Maybe one of the Admirals caught them and threw them all in Impel Down."

"Hey, I'm hoping it isn't Admiral Akainu who caught them!" I exclaimed with a worried tone, knowing about the man who Maemi trained under while she was working for the Marines several years ago. "That man is the most ruthless man I've never met, and I know that I don't wanna go face to face with a guy like Sakazuki! He'll show no mercy to pirates like them!!"

Admiral Akainu, A.K.A. Sakazuki – from what I've heard from Monkey D. Maemi, Monkey D. Luffy's twin sister, through her stories of being a Marine at the age of 10 – is a firm believer in Absolute Justice, and is ruthless in his maintenance of it; hell, his motto is "Thorough Justice"!! He's stern, has a dead-serious disposition, grim, expressionless, and is the most ruthless out of all three admirals. Well, let's just say that as soon as Maemi received her bounty, she knew that Akainu will go after her since she deserted her post just because she helped Luffy against Rob Lucci in Enies Lobby. That and because he knew her relation with Monkey D. Dragon, hence the reason why he ordered her to kill the man before she could even figure out who her father is.

"I'll give you that, Umeko," Kozue said as she shuddered at the name of the infamous Admiral Akainu. "Who knows, Umeko? The man doesn't know that we were on the ship that belonged to Amadour. Other than that, we might get to see Basil Hawkins on the ship~."

I began to reply to what Kozue said about the ship, but hearing the name 'Hawkins' made me stop and sigh.

"Alright, Kozue," I muttered with a frustrated sigh. "You win this round, again. Hear me out, though, Kozue: if we're caught by either a pirate or by the Marines, your ass is mine!!"

"Don't worry about it, Umeko!!" Kozue said as we walked to the abandoned ship near the port. "Besides, it'll be quick. I promise!"

With that, we got on board the ship and looked around the ship, not knowing the unexpected to happen right then and there…
Umeko and Kozue decides to go and thank Hawkins, but Kozue's random idea leads them to climb aboard a pirate ship that doesn't belong to them...

One Piece (C) :iconodaplz:
Scarlet Island, Rose Pirates, Amadour and his crew, Despairing Pirates, Lightning Pirates, and the Rose Brigade (C) :iconmistressamaretsu: (Me)
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