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(Umeko's POV) I looked around the market and saw that there were so many kinds of recipes to try out for the ingredients, and that's one more reason why I love this town. I bought scarlet meats, scarlet fruits, scarlet vegetables, and scarlet dessert ingredients from the nice clerks. Once I wanted everything I wanted, I went to go to the Scar Bar when I noticed that the clouds are scarlet red.

"Excuse me," I began to the kind woman who sold the scarlet cake ingredients, "what's going on with the clouds?"

"Oh, that always happens every year," said the clerk with a small smile on her face. "The sky is following the legend of this island." Hearing the word 'legend,' curiosity sparked my interest.

"What legend??" I asked with a small smile gracing my lips. The woman, who is actually surprised that a stranger like me would want to hear the legend, smiled and explained the legend to me.

"Two pirates from the North and East Blue mysteriously disappeared without a trace on this very day," she explained with a smile, making me nod as I listened more carefully. "The scarlet clouds indicate that it will happen again today."

"These pirates were from the North and the East Blue??" I asked, remembering that I was born in the North Blue but became a pirate in the East Blue.

"Correct," said the woman said with a smile on her face. "You must be an East Blue pirate?"

"Actually, I was born in the North Blue and became a pirate in the East Blue," I said with a small smile on my face.

"Oh, then you better watch your back then," warned the woman with a click of her tongue. "The pirates that always get kidnapped were the ones who were from the East Blue." With that, she smiled, curtseyed, and waved a farewell as I walked away with a smile.

Remembering the legend as I walked over to the Scar Bar, I remembered that this island was on the border of the North and East Blue. Once I arrived over to the Scar Bar, I found Roronoa Kozue drinking sake like always.

"May I have some more booze, please?" asked the green-haired swordswoman as she gestured the clerk behind the bar counter that she asked for the booze.

"I would like to have some booze, too," I said with a nod as I sat next to Kozue, making sure that she's not starting a riot. "Kozue, you didn't get lost for the first time. I'm surprised."

"Shut up," Kozue retorted with a sigh as the clerk gave us our booze. "Besides, I followed that man."

"What man??" I asked with several animated sweat drops falling behind my head, wondering who in their right mind would do some stupid thing.

"The guy you're sitting next to, dumbass!" Kozue said as she pointed to someone beside me. I turned to the man, and let's just say that he surprised the living hell out of me.

The man was tall with black triangle symbols on his eyebrows; he had red eyes and golden hair that reaches down to his hips. He has a black cross tattooed at the base of his throat at the front of his neck, also.

The attire he wore was somewhat different from what I've seen over the years. It included a pure white coat with a ruffled neckline and sleeves. He wore purple trousers tucked inside black boots with white laces on them and a dark ornament made of fur circling on the lower part of his torso, with a lighter shade in the middle of it. He has a pink sash tied around his waist with a piece of jewelry hanging from it. The man wears dark gloves that remind me of Blueno of CP9's gloves, and an armor-like armlet on his left arm, around his left biceps and extends to cover his left shoulder. On his right hip, however, he carries a sword with an elaborate pommel that resembles a voodoo doll.

'Looks familiar…,' I thought with a raised eyebrow. 'Where do I know him from…?'

(Kozue's POV) Seeing that Umeko is staring at the fate-speaking man, I sighed and placed my hand on her shoulder.

"Just drink your booze, Ume-chan," I said with a small smile on my face. "Besides, you need to let go and have some fun for once!"

Umeko took a good look at me, smiled, and nodded an approving nod.

"I'll take your word for it, Zue-chan," Umeko said as she began to drink her booze. "Besides, we needed a day off from the events that happened to us!"

"Well, well," began a masculine voice in a sarcastic tone, "if it isn't Hawkins and Hisoka!"

Once the man mentioned the name 'Hisoka', Umeko and I turned to the man and stared in confusion. The man who mentioned Hisoka and some other person named Hawkins has brown hair and scarlet eyes. His attire included that of a black vest, black jeans, and black shoes. He also has a sword, and boy, does he look mad!

"What are you talking about??" Umeko asked with a raised eyebrow. "I don't know anyone by the name of 'Hisoka' at all."

"Are you really that ditzy, Hisoka?" the man asked, earning a tick mark from Umeko. "You're always right next to your older brother 24/7!" I raised an eyebrow at this and looked to the man Umeko was sitting next to, and my gaze went from the man to the brown-haired man, and I finally remembered something.

'Oh, shit…,' I thought with wide eyes as Umeko got up from her seat and got ready to fight as a just in case. 'That's 'Scarlet Sadist' Amadour! He's got one hell of a bone to pick with Hisoka and to whoever this Hawkins guy is! … Umeko's screwed…'

(Umeko's POV) "I'm sorry, Mister…," I began, but I guess that was making the man grow angrier.

"Amadour, you bitch!!" he exclaimed, and as soon as he said his name, there was a LONG pause in the bar. I stared at him with a 'are you fucking serious' look, and without even knowing what I was doing… until…

"PFFFFT!!!!!" I began to laugh as I realized what his name meant. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WHO THE FUCK GAVE YOU THAT NAME!!!?"

"SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!" he exclaimed with a blush on his face, making Umeko laugh harder than ever.

"BUT IT MEANS 'LOVER!!!!'" I laughed as she slammed her fist to the ground seven times in a row. Hearing this caused the whole of the bar - except for the man Amadour called 'Hawkins' and Kozue - to laugh at the angered 'lover.'

"That's… it…," said the man as he grabbed the nearest beer bottle and broke it, officially turning it into a weapon AND making the whole bar stop laughing.

Then, the man I was sitting next to – until I fell to the ground in laughter - got up and walked over to me.

"Hisoka," said the man as he placed a hand on my head, "now's not the time to get in a reasonless fight." Kozue was ready to say something about me, but I quickly winked at her, giving her the gesture saying that 'it's time to pretend.'

"Of course, dearest brother," I replied with a small smile on my face as I got up. "Zue-chan, let's go."

Kozue, seeing that this was probably a chance to get out of this fight, got up and followed after the man I pretended to call 'brother' and me. It almost worked, until Amadour grabbed my arm in a rough way.

"Don't you dare walk away from me!" said the obviously-drunk man as his grip on my arm tightened.

Now if you know Sanji, then for sure you should know me. My number 1 rule of trying not to piss me off is to never EVER grab me. If you do so, you're gonna feel my wrath in a very bone-breaking way. Now if Kozue's there, a riot's gonna start right then and there.

Kozue quickly turned to Amadour and punched him square in the jaw, knocking him off balance and making him release his grip on my arm. He took several steps back, but he was still up and going, surprising even Kozue.

"I thought the great Hisoka was gonna attack," said the man with a sadistic smile. "I guess she's a spoiled brat."

Suddenly, Amadour ran up to me and brought his sword out. Kozue was ready to fight, but my Observation Haki was quickly activated, and within the observation, I saw that he was cutting Kozue instead of me. I moved in front of Kozue and once he was at my range, I kicked him right in the chest and sent him flying several feet away from us. Well, let's say that this was a terrible idea, and I saw that several other people got up and walked up to us.

"Why are you guys helping him out!?" Kozue asked in a confused tone. "That punk attacked us, not you!!"

"That's our captain, bitch!" exclaimed a man, making Kozue mutter curses under her breath.

"Uh…," Kozue began as she stared at me while Amadour got up from his position. "News flash: your captain is a prick who treats girls like men!"

"They won't even listen to you…," Amadour said with a laugh as he walked over to Kozue. "They're my nakama, and now, you're gonna face the wrath of the 90 million Berries man known as 'Scarlet Sadist' Amadour!!"
Umeko and Kozue, with a man Kozue bumped into earlier, tries to avoid a bar fight, but it looks like they have to fight 'Scarlet Sadist' Amadour, who's worth about a good 90,000,000 Berries, and his crew.

One Piece (C) :iconodaplz:
Rose Pirates, 'Scarlet Sadist' Amadour, Lightning Pirates, Despairing Pirates, Scarlet Island, and Scarlet Island Arc (C) :iconmistressamaretsu: (Me)
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