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(Kozue's POV) "Wait a damn second, Amadour," I began as I remembered Umeko and my bounty, "your bounty is 90 million Berries??"

"Damn right, it is!" proclaimed the sadistic captain with a proud smile on his face. Umeko and I stared at each other for a good minute or two, and then my gaze went from Umeko's to the man – who just shrugged at this – and back to Amadour.

"Don't you know who WE are?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, too confused to even think that he could mistake Hisoka with Umeko.

"All I know is that this blonde woman here is Basil Hisoka, whose head is worth 150 million Berries," replied the captain of his crew with a sadistic smile. "That man, however, is Hisoka's dearest big brother…"

I tilted my head in confusion, not even knowing that the sadist was talking about the man who tried to avoid a reasonless fight.

"I don't understand…," I said with narrowed eyes, confused at the fact that Amadour wasn't making any sense whatsoever.

"I guess you're new to the crew…," Amadour mocked with a sadistic smile on his face, making me mad. "But let's stop talking now, and get to the fighting… Men, ATTACK!!!" With the command out of Captain Amadour's mouth, his nakamas – with swords in their hands – charged at us…

(Umeko's POV) His crew charged at Kozue and me, which was a really stupid thing to do since we're Zoro and Sanji's twins, making us – along with Maemi – the Heartless Trio. Kozue looked over to me as she unsheathed her sword, asking if she should go first.

"It's all yours, Zue-chan," I said with a smile and a nod.

Kozue smiled back, unsheathed her two swords, and got ready to use one of her signature techniques that earned her the other epithet 'Silent Wind.'

"Nitoryu…," Kozue whispered as the half of Amadour's crew got in her range. Then, she disappeared, making the crew stop in their tracks. I smiled at this, for only Haki users were able to see Kozue, and apparently, these people were in for a lot of pain.

"Musei-fu!" Kozue exclaimed as she sheathed her sword. Once it was fully sheathed, nearly all of them were cut open and fell to the ground, unconscious.

The rest who weren't attacked by Kozue charged at me, ready to go up against even a woman. Sighing, I spun around like a tornado until my left leg was on fire. Once it was on fire, I immediately stopped and smiled.

"Diable Jambe…," I said, initiating my brother and my special move.

The group of men gathered around me, and they got within my range, which was mainly the most idiotic thing they could do. I jumped and landed on my hands, and prepared for my attack.

"Tornado feu!" I exclaimed as I spun like a tornado, hitting each and every one of the men that were in my range. As soon as they were hit by my burning leg, they were falling to the ground in pain.

"Hmph," I said as I got back on my legs, making sure that the men weren't getting up for the second time.

"I'm getting sick of this shit!!" Amadour exclaimed as he drew his sword and charged at me.

Seeing this in time, I raised my foot and kicked his sword out of his hand.

"There's a lesson to be taught here, Amadour…," I began as my blood boiled in rage. "ONLY A DAMN COWARD HITS A WOMAN!!!!"

With enough rage in my blood, I kicked him square in the jaw with my still-burning leg, and it sent him flying several feet away from me and into the bar's counter.

"Tch," I scoffed with narrowed eyes as I made sure that the coward didn't get up this time. "That's what you get, motherfucker…"

(Kozue's POV) I turned to Umeko, who's furious over the fact that a man actually wanted to hit a girl, to see her turn and walk pass the man who was against needless violence. I ran after her, and as soon as I got beside her, I heard a voice from behind.

"Don't turn your back against me…!!" said the familiar voice of Amadour, making us stop in our tracks.

'Uh-oh…,' I thought as soon as I remembered that Amadour was SUPPOSED to be knocked out. I quickly turned to the man and saw that he was charging at Umeko.

I try to unsheathe my sword, but the man stopped me and drew his own sword.

"So the nefarious 'Magician' is finally gonna fight us, huh!?" exclaimed Amadour while he still charged at the man. "Let's see if fate is on my side today!!"

"Actually…," began the man once he drew his sword. "I see the shadow of death upon your face…"

Amadour rushed at him with his sword in his hand, and as soon as he passed him, there was silence in the bar. Suddenly, without any warning, blood was in the air, and it belonged to Amadour. The unfortunate man was cut from his neck to his chest, making Umeko and me stare in surprise and shock. 'Scarlet Sadist' Amadour, who was worth 90 million Berries, fell to the ground, dead…

(Umeko's POV) Once we saw that the man who wanted revenge on Hisoka and Hawkins was lying on the ground, dead as a doornail, the man who killed him sheathed his sword and walked past us.

"HEY, HOLD ON!!!" Kozue exclaimed as we followed the man. "How'd you know that the shadow of death, or whatever you called it, was on his face?"

"I can tell the fate from one's clothing to other people," he said without even giving us a backwards glance.

"Weird~…," Kozue muttered with an animated sweat drop falling behind her head. "Either way, that guy was talking crazy back there."

"True," I said with a shrug. "He called me 'Basil Hisoka', and I've never even met the chick!"

"Yet you look like her," said the man as he turned to look at me, forcing me to look away from his red eyes.

"Well…," I began with an uneasy cough. "Thanks for the helping out back there."

"Yeah, thanks for the help, Mister…," Kozue thanked, but trailed off as if she was asking for his name.

"My name is Basil Hawkins," he said, making Kozue turn to an animated statue while I tilted my head in confusion, and it's as if I heard of his name before, "and you're welcome."

With that, the man known as 'Magician' Basil Hawkins walked away from us without another word.

There was a long pause between Kozue and me, and I turned to her to make sure she was alive. I poked the side of her head, and that about woke her up from her stoned state.

"'MAGICIAN' BASIL HAWKINS SAVED OUR ASSES!!!!" exclaimed Kozue in shock and fear, and I had to cover her mouth to make sure we don't catch anyone else's attention.

"So what if that man's name is Basil Hawkins, Kozue?" I asked in a hushed, confused tone. "It might be some miracle that he was there."

"'Some miracle', my ass, Umeko!!" exclaimed Kozue as she removed my hand from her mouth. "That man's head is worth 249 million Berries!!"

This made me tilt my head. I put a finger on my lips and thought about the name very quickly.

"I've heard of his name before…," I muttered with a small frown, and it quickly turned into a smile. "I've met him before!!"

"You've met the man before!!?" asked Kozue in a surprised tone. "When and where did this happen!!?"

"A long time ago, he saved my life from the Marines…," I said with a small smile on my face. "I have to thank him for that… C'mon, Kozue. Let's go."

"Go WHERE!!?" asked Kozue in a confused tone.

"Follow Basil Hawkins, of course," I said with a small smile on my face. "I wanna thank him personally…"
Umeko and Kozue fight in a bar against Amadour and his crew, basically.

Note: I hope you like the bar fighting scene. It's my first time... ^^;

One Piece (C) :iconodaplz:
Rose Pirates, Rose Brigade, Amadour and his crew, Despairing Pirates, Lightning Pirates, and Scarlet Island (C) :iconmistressamaretsu: (Me)
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