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Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 5:28 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: All I Want for Christmas is You
  • Reading: NW
  • Watching: Nothing
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  • Eating: Eventually Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Drinking: Nothing so far

Heh, Welcome aboard...

Hey, guys!

MissAmaterasu here telling you all Happy Thanksgiving!
Now, let me say what I'm thankful for:

I'm thankful for... meeting all my DA friends and DA family on here, for my skills in writing (though I'm still developing it), for those shoulders I cried on, for those I laughed with, for those who helped me even when I needed something simple, and... Well, yeah. I'm thankful for everything, especially with the decision I've made for my future. Thank you all, and have a blessed day!

With sincere love,
MissAmaterasu out. :la:

Be sure to visit :iconzommbay: On devianart!
So, Konjiki no Gash Bell (AKA: Zatch Bell)... Who remembers this anime/manga series??
“Hello, everyone,” Amaterasu said with a smile. “I’m Amaterasu.”

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yatagarasu said with a smile.

“And we welcome you to our show,” Ama and Yata said in unison, waving to the audience.

“So…,” Ama said with a shrug. “As you all know, this is Native American Heritage Month.”

“For those who know the history behind how America was found,” Ama continued on, “the Native Americans were the original people on this land. The Europeans came along and said “we want your land,” and man, they took it from the Native Americans. From the smallpox breakout to the Trail of Tears, and even from fighting in World War II for the United States to being forced to assimilation, well… it was and still is Hell.”

(A/N: I’m not dogging anyone with European in them out. There’s no point in doing so, as well all have European blood in us one way or another. I’m just telling history as it is. Thank you, and enjoy the review.)

“This… seemingly isn’t so for Disney’s Pocahontas,” Yata said, bringing Ama to pull a Charlie Brown quite literally as the trailer played.


“So if you haven’t looked at our Top 5 Best and Worst Disney songs featuring Mao,” Ama said with a sigh, “you should know the history of how this movie came to be. This was originally what Disney thought was the number 1 movie, but… when The Lion King came to be, everyone crowded to theaters to watch that movie while Pocahontas was just a “meh” for them.”

“Is it still this way today?” Yata asked, tilting her head. “Let’s travel the seas, soar the skies, and walk on the land we’ve… stolen… landed on… share with the Native Americans.”

“This is Disney’s Pocahontas!” Ama and Yata said, the former being nonchalantly and the latter excitedly.

Pocahontas Review Begin
“So being Disney,” Ama started off, “this begins with a song that is soooo silly not even Nickelback will sing it for them.”

“As you can see,” Yata said with a sigh, “they decided to start off the movie with us seeing the sailors who are lucky enough to go into the New World, including a song that’s so cheesy that they made the sailors talk in between about John Smith. Seriously, this is not important, as after this song’s reprise, we get the opening title.”

(“The Virginia Company”: sung in an understandable way, but nonetheless unimportant)

“It’s… uh…,” Ama said, sweatdropping. “Let’s… just get to the sailing…”

“About that~…,” Yata said with a sweatdrop.

(*Just as Yata begins to mention it, the sky transitions from bright and barely windy to stormy as hell and extremely windy.*)

“… well, f*ck you, weather!” Ama said as Yata attempts to not laugh at the scenery shown. “That’s some El Dorado sh*t there!”

“Okay, okay,” Yata said, “this is filler, as it not only shows how good John Smith is at heart when he saves fellow member, Thomas, but we also see the villain as a whole: Governor Ratcliffe. Why do we know this? He talks to friggin’ Wiggins and his damn doggy gives his master that evil smile upon mentioning gold.”

“Y’know, movie,” Ama began, rubbing her temple in frustration, it’d be much easier if you had a twist that instead of the Native Americans being enemies, Governor Ratcliffe was a greedy bastard who would kill his men off…”

“Anyways, we get the true opening sequence!” Yata said, causing Ama to sigh. “We have, like… six more songs to go through, two of them being reprises.”

“Just get to the damn first one!” Ama shouted, making Yata turn to the song: “Steady as the Beating Drum.”

“… okay, I’ll say this,” Ama began after sighing her stress away. “If there’s one thing they did right with this totally inaccurate movie, they made sure that the tune stayed true to the theme of whoever it’s about, whether it may be the Native Americans or the sailors.”

“Yeah, I’ll give them that,” Yata said with a nod, “but… uh… my main issue is this: they never sing it in their language. I’m all about learning their culture, but I wanna hear them sing their songs in their language.”

“Right…,” Ama said, understanding. “Let’s move on.”

(“Steady as a Beating Drum”: true to who is singing, but needs to be sung in their own language)

“Powhatan, the Paramount Chief of Tsenacommacah and leader of the Powhatan Tribe,” Ama began, trying to remember what she’s learned, “announces to his people that the Messawomacks has been defeated with the help of their brethren tribe. Then, as he notices that families are getting back together, he asks Kekata – the Shaman of the village – where his daughter is at, and he-wait, Native Americans had Shamans? Since when?!”

“It’s Disney,” Yata said with a sigh. “They’re very inaccurate. Anyways, we finally get to see the Disney Princess herself, Pocahontas, also known as either Maotoaka or Amonute, is standing at the cliff next to a waterfall, and her friend – Nakoma – tells her that her father is back. Then as Pocahontas backs up, we see Meeko and Flit, the raccoon and hummingbird, respectively… huh?”

“Okay, filler passes by,” Ama said, “and once we get into the village, we meet Kocuom, Powhatan’s officer who has the strength of the bear. We also find out that he asked Pocahontas’s hand in marriage from the latter’s talk with her father, Chief Powhatan. Hey, they got something right!”

“But we get this weird gag,” Yata said with a sweatdrop.

(Pocahontas: *as she looks out to Kocuom, who is surrounded by children* But he’s so… serious.)

“So?” Ama and Yata asked in unison.

“Okay, then we get a… a reprise?” Ama said, realizing where they were heading. “Oh, God. It’s one of those movies, isn’t it?”

“Yup,” Yata said simply as Pocahontas and Powhatan walk out of the teepee.

“This is short and simple,” Ama said with a sigh, “but he explains… what does he explain?”

“Something about the river being strong,” Yata said with a shrug. “Oh, well. Next~!”

(“Steady as a Beating Drum Reprise”: Non-understanding whatsoever)

“So Pocahontas is near the river,” Ama said, “and we get another</i> song. Movie, you just had a reprise. Take a step back!”

“Okay…,” Yata said in confusion. “All I got is that she wants to choose her own course, but can’t because… daughter of Powhatan… this is an “I Want” song, people~!”

“Did they just rip off The Little Mermaid without thinking?” Ama asked in confusion.

“I think so,” Yata responded, tilting her head. “It’s pretty, but… I dunno… next.”

(“Just Around the Riverbend”: basically an “I Want” song… beautiful, though)

“So, Pocahontas goes to her granny, who lives somewhere down the path she took, and-YELLO!!” Ama said, surprised upon seeing Grandmother Willow. “Granny Willow’s a tree</i>?! What sorcery is this!!?”

“… okay, I’m now remembering this, but I’m sorry about Ama~,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “She’s an Iroquois Indian, so she takes her and any other Native American culture very seriously.”

“And you’re a Chickasaw Indian!” Ama said, fussing with a frown. “You need to take this seriously, too!”

“So Pocahontas talks to Grandmother Willow about her dream,” Yata moved on, trying not to feel Ama’s angry aura, “which is basically… an arrow that spins quite fast. Oh, and let’s not forget that “Kocuom is so serious” joke!
“Seriously, though, after this, Grandmother Willow sings a song.”

“Isn’t this the fifth song they’ve sung so far~?” Ama asked as the song began.

“Again, this follows what “Steady as the Beating Drum” and uses nature and harmonies for the song,” Yata said with a smile, “and… y’know… it’s something a grandmother would sing to their grandchildren… if only Grandmother Willow wasn’t a tree.”

“Okay, okay~…,” Ama said with a sigh. “This is melodic, but we gotta move on!”

(“Listen with Your Heart”: melodic and lullaby-ish to the ears)

“So the soon-to-be settlers finally land,” Ama said, “and we finally see Pocahontas seeing John Smith, who explores the trees all while the few others pull the ship in. Well… Flit makes him go away.”

“So we move away from that,” Yata began, “and the Kekata shows the village people the new settlers that they somehow know about. And we get some… dark imagery for this, and… I gotta say… though Shamanism isn’t in Native American tradition, they damn sure nailed what the settlers looked like.”

“So Kocuom gathers a few fellow tribesmen to spy on the settlers,” Ama said, wanting to move away, “and we get-G**DAMMIT!! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!
“… tell me, movie. How many songs do you have… including the reprises?”

(Song Count: 11 with reprise, 8 without)

“I need a drink…,” Ama sighed as the song began.

“It’s a song that compares John Smith’s want with Governor Ratcliffe’s want,” Ama said with a frown. “Next!”

“Actually… here’s something I want to show you, Ama,” Yata said, pulling out her laptop. “There was an original ending to this song. Here, have a look.”

“… well, f*ck,” Ama said, sweatdropping. “This is accurate. But we don’t have time. We need to move on!”

(“Mine, Mine, Mine”: not a villain song, but okay at best; another “I Want” song from another POV); should’ve kept the original ending for an eye-opener)

“And our destined lovers finally meet… with John Smith pointing a gun at Pocahontas,” Yata said in confusion. “Uhh… that’s not how Romeo and Juliet met, but okay.”

“So Kocuom and his men go to where the settlers are a-diggin’ for gold,” Ama said, “and an “ambush” ensues just as Percy – Ratcliffe’s bougie-ass dog – notices the Powhatan warrior. And we see just why Kocuom has the strength of the bear, as he stopped a settler from pistol-whipping Mahota… Namontack, that’s his name.”

(A/N: Excuse me for cutting in like this, but I had to use the Disney Wiki site in order to figure out these names because… well, let’s be honest, even though I’m Native American myself, I can’t hear the letters of the name. So sorry for that.)

“After that’s over, the warriors return with a wounded Namontack,” Yata continued. “With Kekata noticing that the wound is a strange one, Chief Powhatan announces to his people sans Pocahontas that they’re dangerous and should not be near them whatsoever.
Pocahontas, meanwhile, talks to John Smith, and just as he shows her what his people do, Meeko takes the compass.”

“The compass is “Spinning Arrow,”” Ama said, sighing. “The compass is the ‘spinning arrow…’
“After some filler, we get another song known as “Colors of the Wind”. Movie, you’re killing me!”

“Is this a life-lesson song?” Yata asked, realizing that it’s mostly about environment, taking land, and even how Native Americans are savages.

“… yeah… this is more of a speech as to why you suck…,” Ama said, sweatdropping. “It is… so… this makes John Smith have a change of heart…?”

(“Colors of the Wind”: a life-lesson song that’s pretty much okay)

(A/N: There are so many songs in here that I might just skip describing it and explain how I/they feel about it. So… yeah.)

“Pocahontas goes back to the village and John Smith to his territory,” Ama continued on. “Oh, and it’s there that Ratcliffe thinks that the Native Americans would know as to where the gold is. Which results in this little scene.”

(Ratcliffe: Wiggins! Why do you think those insolent heathens attacked us?
Wiggins: Because we’ve invaded their land, cut down their trees, and dug up their earth?)

“… he’s right,” Ama said in surprise, dropping her hand just as quickly as she raised it up. “Moving on, Ratcliffe tells those two guys – Ben and Lon – to find John Smith, who actually went over to Pocahontas’s village, resulting in Nakoma seeing him. This will be a kicker later on. Anyways, John Smith asks Pocahontas about gold, and he finally meets Grandmother Willow.
“At first, he’s quite surprised. But after mentioning the word “handsome,” he immediately befriended her.”

“After filler with Ben and Lon,” Yata said, trying to quickly move, “they go back to their respective homes and tell their leaders – Powhatan and Ratcliffe – about the others. But… yeah, while Powhatan talks to his brethren, Ratcliffe warns the settlers to not get near the Native Americans less they want to be hanged.”

“Nakoma spots Pocahontas trying to see John Smith,” Ama said, “and this results in her telling Kocuom that Pocahontas might be in grave danger. Knowing Kocuom, he will go because he actually cares genuinely about Pocahontas.
“Ratcliffe orders Thomas to follow John Smith, and after John Smith and Pocahontas meet and agree to their plan… they kiss. Thomas and Kocuom sees this, but the latter responds first with a war cry as he tackles John Smith, beginning a fight.”

“Well, this ends before Kocuom stabs John Smith,” Yata said, “as Thomas shoots Kocuom right… in… the… uh… where?”

“Disney, why you no show bullet?!” Ama asked, confused and angry at the same time. “So, the other Powhatan warriors somehow know where they’re at, and as some take John Smith away, the others carry Kocuom’s corpse to Powhatan. This results in Powhatan angrily announcing that John Smith will be the first settler to die, and when Pocahontas tries to intervene, he claims that because of her “foolishness,” Kocuom is dead.
“Yeah, and when Nakoma explains what happened to Pocahontas,” Yata said, “Nakoma takes Pocahontas to see John Smith because… daughter of Powhatan, and we get another song… it’s a love song.”

“It’s just a love song that was cut out,” Ama said with a sigh. “I like the pop version better~...
“So, Thomas returns to the camp and tells the others about what’s happened. Oh, and this results in a song! … why~?!”

“… this… this is darker than I thought…,” Yata said, surprised and slightly offended by Ratcliffe’s words about the Native Americans.

“Yeah, and the two leaders singing in front of a fire doesn’t help either…,” Ama said, looking truly offended and disturbed. “This isn’t as dark as Hellfire, but sh*t.”

(“Savages [Pt. 1]”: Darker when one grows up and sees this again, and surprisingly scary)

“So, Pocahontas goes to Grandmother Willow and explain what happened,” Yata said, moving away from the scene. “And Meeko gives Pocahontas the compass, which points her towards the path she needs to truly follow. Then there’s part two-wait, what?”

(A/N: Skip to 1:08. Sorry for not finding the original part 2, but most of them were connected to part one. Again, sorry.)

“Well, that’s hair-raising,” Ama said, looking surprised. “Pocahontas makes it on time and covers John Smith, making Powhatan stop, and she tells him that the path she chooses is that she will not let hatred separate her and John Smith. This… results in Powhatan realizing that she’s right. So they’re friends, right?”

“Yeah, no,” Yata said with a sigh. “Ratcliffe snatches a gun from one of his men after they refused to shoot, and he aims for Powhatan. John Smith takes the bullet, though, as he moves the chief out of the way. This means that the settlers are officially friends with the Native Americans, as they take the gun away from Ratcliffe, tie him up, and gag him.”

“So as some of the settlers prepare to leave for England to take John to get medical help,” Ama said, sighing, “Pocahontas and the entire village come to bring them food and Pocahontas to see him for the last time. With the last kiss, John Smith is taken to the ship. Pocahontas follows, and as the wind blows, they wave to each other for the last time…”

Pocahontas Review End

“And~ that was Pocahontas,” Ama said, “and… I can see why The Lion King is superior compared to this.
“Not only does this have too many songs, but it’s historically inaccurate. This movie tells us more or less about the legend of Pocahontas rather than the real deal. It’s just… this movie got me to want to research it, and I know for a fact that Pocahontas did not have a very good life! She died at the friggin’ age of 28, people!”

“Before Ama continues to rant on,” Yata said, sweatdropping, “while this won an Academy Award for its songs, they… well, they need to be sung in the actual language. European settlers, I understand, but Native Americans? That’s no excuse, as there would be a language barrier. Also, can I point out that these Powhatan members are actually speaking Powhatan, which was originally thought to be lost. Good job, movie you got that right.”

“All I can say is that this is a guilty pleasure movie,” Ama said with a sigh. “Nothing more, nothing less. So, with that, I’m Amaterasu.”

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yata said with a small smile.

Au revior,” Ama and Yata said together as they got out of their seats and walked off the set.

·Songs: Okay at best, but there are too many reprises; hard to pick favorite one
·Character Development: Evident in John Smith, Powhatan, and the settlers, but really not in Pocahontas.
·Animation: As a Disney film, it is great.
·Stars: 3.5/5
·Buy, Borrow, or Burn: Borrow if you want to see it, or buy if it’s your guilty pleasure
Pocahontas Review
Hey, guys. This is in honor of Native American Heritage Month, and I decided to use my memory... Yeah, I didn't realize how many songs were in here. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I only own Amaterasu and Yatagarasu. The movie and songs belong to Disney, and the videos belong to those who posted it on YouTube.
With that outta the way, enjoy.

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“Hello, one and all,” Amaterasu introduced with a small frown as she took off her wig. “I’m Amaterasu.

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yatagarasu said as she sits down next to Ama.

“Welcome to the show!” both girls said, with Ama waving and Yata throwing up a peace sign.

“So… uh…,” Ama began, trying to figure out how to explain it. “Our creator threw out a poll about Halloween and what you wanted us to review, and… upon looking at it, there were 9, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or something else. We… didn’t do that this year due to reasons. For that, we are sorry.”

“We’ll make it up, though!” Yata said with comical tears. “And it’s gonna be through a crappy movie both JonTron and</i> Nostalgia Critic reviewed!!”

“Oh, God,” Ama said with a sigh. “You mean Foodfight?”

“… ugh, no,” Yata said as she shivered at the memory. “I meant Titanic: The Legend Goes On.

“Are you sh*tting</i> me?!” Ama said, realizing what she’s getting herself into. “JonTron</i> reviewed it?!!”

“Well, yeah,” Yata said with a nod. “For Halloween, no doubt. I heard that this movie, the other Titanic movie called The Legend of the Titanic, and that movie’s sequel known as Tentacolino are the worst</i> movies based on Titanic. Nostalgia Critic reviewed only Titanic: The Legend Goes on, and The Legend of the Titanic. He stopped before he could get to Tentacolino, but Bobsheaux, TheMysteriousMrEnter, and I bet you many other unfortunate souls watched that movie… but we’re getting off topic here. We’re talking about this movie.”

“Thank goodness I bought the Izze, the Oreos, the candy corn, and everything else,” Ama said, pulling out the aforementioned items. “So… what’re we waiting for?”

“This is Titanic: The Legend Goes On,” Ama and Yata said, sighing about having to review such a movie.

Titanic: The Legend Goes On Review Begin
“Okay, let’s debunk this… crazy thing about this movie starting at the end of the film,” Ama said with a sigh. “We actually begin on the train, where we meet our protagonist, Angelica, who’s looking at her locket… is that a picture of her mother, sister, or herself?”

“Looks like herself,” Yata said with a shrug. “Oh, and we get an ironic rip off when we see Angelica’s… okay, let’s just say this: it’s their version of Cinderella’s Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia. Seriously! That’s what they are, and Angelica is their Cinderella, but to be honest, she looks like Anastasia from Don Bluth’s… well, Anastasia!!

(Wicked Stepmother: Stop moping over that picture! You’re never going to find your precious mother.
Wicked Stepsisters: *with a somewhat-close up* Your precious mother~!)

“… you’re not made for close-ups,” Ama said with a frown. “Okay, as you all have noticed, this movie has horrible animation. Seriously, it’s so horrible that I wanna apologize to… to… umm… yeah, never mind. This is better in a way compared to Foodfight.
“And while this movie plays Fillertasia on us, let’s count the many rip offs depicted: Cruella de Vil along with Jasper and Horace from 101 Dalmatians, Azrael from the The Smurfs, Fivel Mouskewitz and his family from American Tail, Pongo and Perdita from – again – 101 Dalmatians, Granny</i> – of all people – from the Looney Toons, the three geese from The Aristocats, Jeremy the Crow from The Secret of NIMH, and even more that I’ll count in later on!! So in count, that’s a total of sixteen</i> characters you’ve stolen!! Copyright!! The f*ck is that?!!”

“After Jeremy-I mean, Jeremy-I mean, what’s-his-name steals from the Appalachian squirrel,” Yata said, mouthing an “I don’t know” after Ama gives her a look of utter confusion, “we see a Mariachi band, complete with stereotyping!”

(Yellow Mouse: We’ve been on tour, senor. I cannot wait to get home to Muchachos!)

“Why~…?” Ama said with a sigh. “I needed a beer, and I didn’t get one~…
More filler passes by, and we finally get to see the damn ship sail!! The stepsister-rip offs just fuss because their damn dresses have ripped, and we see someone who looks like Larry from Leisure Suit Larry – okay, I’m about done… This is nothing more than filler~…”

“After much more filler passes by,” Yata says, “the plot barely picks up, again, and we see William and his Nanny, who happens to be looking for her daughter.”

“They’re gonna meet after the sinking,” Ama said with a sigh. “They’re gonna meet after the sinking. They’re gonna meet after the sinking. They’re gonna meet after the damn sinking of the Titanic!!</b>”

“… calm down, we’re like… uhh…,” Yata began, noticing the time. “Oh, never mind. Eat your candy corn while we’re talking.”

“Fine~!?” Ama said, preparing to be mad. “We have Fivel-I mean, the little boy mouse being captured by the Garfield’s pubic hair, and – WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!!
“Calm down, movie!! You’re worse than Arashi no Yoru ni with speedy animation!! I don’t even know what happened!!”

“After the mouse thanks him,” Yata says as the music starts, “we-wait, what?”

“And~ commence the Amaterasu Rant,” Yata said as she looked at her imaginary watch. “In 5… 4… 3… 2… now.”

“THIS! IS! A! MUSICAL?!!” Ama shouted, angered at the random scene for good reasons. “No, no, NO!!! This genre of music wasn’t made for a good damn 70 years, and you still</i> used it?!! Unless you’re Celine Dion, you know the music of that time period, or you know how to make a song sad, you can use it! But this?!!</i> Oh, I’m pulling the bullsh*t card here!!
“Movie, you had only one job!! Explain the damn event as it had happened in a way, and you f*cked up by having a damn anthropomorphic dog rapping for no reason!!!”

“Actually, this scene is worse compared to the other one,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “Here’s the actual scene both Nostalgia Critic and JonTron witnessed.”

“… are you serious?” Ama said with a frown. “This</b> is the actual version that JonTron and Nostalgia Critic witnessed?!”

“Well, yeah,” Yata said with a shrug. “We found the uncut version, ironically, hence why the beginning we reviewed started it out that way. It’s the uncut version, not the cutversion.”

“… moving on,” Ama said, fast forwarding the scene.

(Rapping Dog’s Song: pointless as f*ck and thrown in there for no reason)

“So, even more filler passes by… I think?” Yata said, facepalming as she grabbed an Izze and opened the bottle. “Angelica speaks to Granny, and they – along with the grandchildren – notice the little boy mouse and give him food.”

“Aww~…,” Ama said with a small smile. “That’s so sweet… why is it that this is my favorite part of the movie?

“Okay, let’s f*cking face it, everything in this movie that we’ve seen so far is filler!!</u> We don’t know any of these people except for the major characters! These… these… filler-tastic</b></u> characters happened to be here!! YOU! CAN’T! DO! THAT!! There is an excuse to friggin’ do this sh*t, but damn!! You took it too far!!!
“… okay, y’know what? Bleach (the anime based off the manga), you’re forgiven. You guys had an excuse. You needed to make sure that nothing is wrong and waited for Tite Kubo to assure you guys to at least be as accurate as possible. Titanic: The Legend Goes On, you DON’T!!!</u>”

“Even more sh*t happens,” Yata continued, cutting Ama off mid-rant. “There’s a scene we can’t f*cking see, and the lovers finally</u> meet each other at last!!! You could’ve just had them meet outside the damn ship, dumbasses.”

“Well, there’s more filler behind that,” Ama said, proceeding to bang her head against the wall. “Oh, and did we ever mention that this whole plot kicked off with the stinkin’ locket?</b> If not, there it is!!</b> … over a f*cking locket that the man… Gaston, was it…?”

“Yeah,” Yata said with a sigh. “Stole that sh*t from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Sad thing is this: his personality is almost like Gaston’s</i>… except, y’know, chest hair. And we have another song~! Why me?”

“To be honest… this one sounds better than the f*cking rapping dog,” Ama said, calming herself down before she could march the Rant Parade. “So, Fillertasia begins once more, and the rip-off Mouse Family find the locket, only to lose it again… then there’s this scene.”

(*The scene comes up, and it depicts the mouse family running off as the “wicked stepsisters” panic.*)

“… what was the point?” Yata said with a confused expression. “So, Fillertasia continues on, and we see that Jeremy – I mean… WHAT IS THIS BIRD’S NAME?!!”

“Never tells us,” Ama said with a sigh. “The Jeremy rip-off steals the locket and keeps it for himself, and later – after Granny gives her dress she somehow kept for a long time to Angelica – is confronted by the little boy mouse… see? Even I</b> don’t know their names, and I’m damn good</b></u> with names!”

“This time, I would say that your problem is you can’t remember a dumb name unless it makes sense to you,” Yata said with a sigh. “but I can’t, as they don’t explain the names. Anyways, the bird falls out, and the locket is out of his possession, as he gives back the necklace to Angelica.”

“After that, the dance scene happens,” Ama said, realizing the song is missing. “Wasn’t there supposed to be a so-f*ck it. I’m adding the damn thing whether it’s cut or uncut.”

“I know, I know,” Ama began, sighing, “this isn’t in the version we saw, but… well, it’s like the only damn thing</b> I like in the movie.”

“This song… does fit the scene, doesn’t it?” Yata said, sweatdropping. “This is what they got right compared to the-.”

“Moving on,” Ama said, cutting off Yata just before she could mention the Rapping Dog.

(“Holding Me”: pretty fitting, but not in the uncut version, sadly)

“Well… uh…,” Ama began, noticing the little boy mouse scaring the stepsisters and the mother, “… can we just skip this…?”

(*As they fast forward, they hit the mariachi band playing a song for the party.*)

“… want me to-?” Yata began to ask, but was cut off by Ama when she raised her hand.

“… go ahead, Hitler,” Ama said, referring to the upcoming meme in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.

“Thank you,” Ama said, fast forwarding the scene once again until they get to the iceberg. “Nmaa~, lookie there. It’s the damn iceberg.”

“What, Teen!Iceburg was so hot he sunk the Titanic?” Yata asked, sweatdropping at how Ama performed that way.

“I hate you~…,” Ama said, trying not to laugh at the horrendous joke.

(A/N: Yes, I saw this in a comment below a video about Iceburg, and I wanted to use it. Credit goes to the person who made this phrase… okay, and I admit it, Teen!Iceburg was pretty cute, and… Early/Late Twenties!Iceburg is pretty hot… this might be just me, though, as I’m going through-.)

“Hey!!” Ama said with a frown. “Stop filling the page with your fangirling and get us outta this hellhole!!”

(Writer: W-Wha?! How the Hell-!?)

“The Force,” Ama said with a sigh. “Now get outta here! We’re trying to finish this, dammit, and you’re supposed to be helping!!”

(Writer: Oh… oh, yeah. Sorry!)

“Thank you,” Ama said with a small smile. “Anywho~, the Titanic runs into the iceberg, and tragedy finally strikes as the ship begins to sink, and the people are just throwing water… at… the… ship…”

“Before she plays the meme,” Yata said, “the people on the third floor can’t escape, so-.”

(*Upon saying that, the people break the gate and get out.*)

“… okay,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “Play the meme.”

“So the people get off the Titanic as it sinks,” Ama said with a shrug. “And… well, a few people stay behind, especially William, whom we haven’t introduced because filler. But everything is filler, so… yeah.”

“The survivors attempt to look for… other people, of course,” Yata said, “and – oh, look, Angelica found her mother, who happened to be William’s Nanny.”

I KNEW IT!!!” Ama shouted, pulling her hair in frustration.

“They found a body that looks similar to William,” Yata said as Ama got up and screamed offscreen, “and it’s not him. It’s… uh… the detective with blonde hair and a black mustache. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.”

“I’m back,” Ama said, holding a bag of York Peppermint Patties in her hand. “So Angelica reminiscences the time she and William have spent, which was pretty short. Oh, c’mon, Frozen did a better job than you.”

“Okay, so they find William at last,” Yata said with a shrug. “And after he wakes up, Angelica and William share a kiss. That’s the end, right?”

(Little Boy Mouse: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Where are you going?! The movie isn’t over yet! Don’t you want to know what happened to everybody?!)

“They inserted… a where-are-they-now segment…?!” Ama said, veins popping like no tomorrow. “OKAY, THAT’S IT!! WE’RE DONE!!!! Just… just… FUUUUU-!!!”


</b></i>Titanic: The Legend Goes On</i> Review End</b>

“Okay, that was Titanic: The Legend Goes On,” Ama said, holding a cup of Coca-Cola in her hand, “and… what the f*ck is wrong with us?
“Why did we do this? We should’ve just stuck with JonTron and Nostalgia Critic, but nope. We just had</i> to watch it. It’s all on us. We wanted to make up for Halloween, and… yeah, this was a true nightmare.”

“The animation is awful,” Yata began, counting how many ways the movie is wrong, “the voice acting doesn’t even match the mouth movement – which I would like to give an excuse for due to it being a foreign film, but the voice acting is somewhat terrible – the animation goes fast for you, the damn Rapping Dog shouldn’t be here, and the where-are-they-now segment just killed it for Ama and me.”

“If you ever see this video,” Ama began, “do not even click it. You will regret every last minute of it. We had to skip over pointless scene after pointless scene, as they were playing Fillertasia on us. And if our writer had to show us mercy, that’s telling you something!”

(Writer: Hey~!!)

“I’m complimenting you!” Ama said, shouting to the sky. “And you didn’t help with the damn joke about Iceburg and the Titanic!”

(Writer: I was trying to be funny~… T^T)

“I liked the joke,” Yata said with a shrug. “It was kinda cute.”

“Whatever,” Ama said with a frown. “I’m Amaterasu.”

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yata said, looking up as if to find the writer.

“Bye, Felicia!” Amaterasu said, getting up from her seat and walking off the scene.

“… ‘til next time,” Yatagarasu said, getting up and going after Amaterasu, who is currently giving the Writer a “Cookie-Cuss Out” of sorts.

Titanic: The Legend Goes On
· Songs: Rapping Dog/”Party Time” makes no sense, but “Holding Me” does; avoid “Party Time” and listen to “Holding Me”
·Character Development: Where?
·Animation: awful; too fast and just horrible to the eye
·Stars: -5/5
·Buy, Borrow, or Burn: Just… just burn it… let it burn! Let it burn!!
Titanic: The Legend Goes On Review
... never watch this movie. This is me warning you. Unless this is your guilty pleasure movie, don't watch it. Don't even CLICK it.
Anyways~, this is to make up the Halloween review is as to do. This really was a true nightmare. So... I hope you guys enjoy my suffering. :XD:
Up next is Pocahontas in honor of Native American Heritage Month (I'm Cherokee and Chickasaw, so... yeah. Gonna do this).

Disclaimer: All videos in this review belong to their rightful owners. I only own Amaterasu and Yatagarasu. I also don't own the movie that I had a nightmare to review. So...yeah.
Thanks, Ego-San, for tagging me.

Here are the rules:
1) You gotta name the three role players you wish you could mix.
2) You need to have role played with them at least once before.
3) Describe what traits from them you'd like in your dream RPer.
4) Please don't be a dick and TRY not to offend any deviant.

RPer 1: :iconxxfabigoesnomxx:
RPer 2: :iconxfangheartx:
RPer 3: :iconthebigcrunchone9:

XxFabiGoesNOMxX --> The very first person I RP'd with, I think, she introduced me to a new way of RPing. This showed that while I was used to one way, I just have to adjust to another, which is a good thing, as I like to learn new ways.

XfangheartX --> She pays attention to detail, which is amazing. When she finds the mistake, she points them out, and it helped me keep on my feet.

:iconthebigcrunchone9: --> When we RP, it's fun, and we add even more fun by asking each other about our ideas. If we don't like them or if it doesn't work out, we can scrap it and try another idea.

So overall, the ideal RPer for me is: One with a different but creative way of RPing, a very detailed person who helps you spot out things that are wrong, and someone with creative ideas that we can scrap I'd it doesn't work out like it's supposed to. A fun, creative, detailed, compromising, and kind person, as a whole!

I tag... whomever volunteers as tribute!
See ya'll!!
10 deviations
   In the gym of Joan Academy – a Catholic school teaching from Kindergarten to the 8th grade – there was a gathering of all grades to see the guest speaker. She stood in the middle of the gym and, with the use of the microphone given to her, began talking about her past life and how she finally published her book: The Elven Warrior.
   The guest speaker who has arrived at Joan Academy happens to be a student from the said area, and her name was known only as Mary-Anne Hummel. She stands almost as tall as the principal, at least 5’8” ft. She has wavy black-red hair reaching down to her mid-back, and brown eyes that shine with happiness whenever she was talking about her novel or how she had begun to love the fantasy genre. For that certain day, she decided to dress professionally all while wearing Joan Academy’s colors, which were blue and gold.

   Just after she finished answering one of the students’ questions, the bell rang loudly, indicating that it was lunch time. As the students lined up and left one by one, Mary-Anne waved them goodbye with a smile plastered on her face. Once each and every student has left the gym, Mary-Anne took off her shoes and got off the stage. Just as she was about to leave, her former Principal waved her over to speak with her. She walked over to the principal and shook her hand, showing her gratitude for speaking as a guest.

“Thank you for coming again, Mary-Anne,” Principal Joanna Arc – who is the head of Joan Academy – said with a smile. “The students really enjoyed meeting you.”

“Oh, I would do anything for this school,” Mary-Anne said with a small smile just as she adjusted her laptop bag. “Besides, it’s a tradition for Joan Academy to bring in an author who puts in Catholicism or… well, any other religion, for that matter, within their own readings. How’d you think my science teacher ended up speaking when I was in 5th grade?”

“You’ve got a point,” Principal Joan said with laughter. “Anyways, you get home safely, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mary-Anne said with a smile and a nod. “You do the same.”
    As soon as they said their goodbyes, Mary-Anne turned and began to walk away. As she walked out of the gym, she grabbed a scrunchie from her pocket and proceeded to put her hair up in a high ponytail. Just as she neared the exit from the school to the parking lot, a voice bounced off the walls and fell onto her ears.

“C’mon, Mary-Anne…,” echoed the voice, making the author stop in her tracks.
   Just as she turned around, she was expecting a ghost from her past to attack her as if she was the unfortunate protagonist from The Entity. As she did, though, the only person she saw was Principal Joanna.

“Mary-Anne,” Principal Joanna said as she walked over to her, “you look as if you’ve witnessed a murder. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, you were the one calling my name!” Mary-Anne responded nervously, feeling a sweat on her brow. “I thought I was hallucinating or something.”

“… yeah, you need to go home,” Principal Joanna said with a slight shake of her head. “I keep forgetting you’re the schizophrenic.”

“R-Right, right,” Mary-Anne said with a small smile, trying to hide the feeling that she was being stalked by some crazy fan in the depths of her mind. “I’ll call you and let you know when I’ve arrived home…”
   Just as Principal Joanna was about to say something, Mary-Anne exited and quickly ran to her white Honda Element as if her life depended on it. She unlocked the car and got in, and before she could start the car, she heard the voice once again.

“C’mon, Mary-Anne…,” the unknown voice said again, making the author look around slowly and surely, making sure that she let no one in the car.
   Once she assured herself that she was safe, she locked the doors, cranked the car up, and eventually drove to her apartment.


   Almost thirty minutes passes by, and Mary-Anne drove nervously until she got back to Luke’s Apartment Complex’s parking lot, where she sighed in relief. She parks her car in front of the apartment she owns, and just as she turns off the car, she sat still and thought to herself about the voice.

“Who… is that…?” thought Mary-Anne, holding her head as if she had gotten a severe migraine. “That voice sounds as if he would sound like one of the character’s I’ve made for my novel… but it couldn’t be… could it…?”

You’re so beautiful~… Give the world a show~… Jumping in her seat, she heard Empire’s “You’re So Beautiful” – sung by Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon in the hit TV series – play on her phone, indicating that she was to work on another novel of hers, which is still a work in progress to where she has not named her book.
   So she pushed the thoughts in the back of her mind, got out of the car, and once she gathered her things, walked to the door leading to her apartment. Flipping the keys on her key chains, she finally found her house keys, and just as she was about to unlock the door, she heard a voice again.

“Lady Mary-Anne…,” the voice – though different this time – whispered, causing her to shake her head and put a hand on her head in relief.

“Okay, that voice is just from my schizophrenia,” the author said with a slight sigh of relief. “The voice I called Lady Amalthea.”
   With a small giggle, she walked in her home and closed the door behind her, embracing the fact that she got home safe and sound.

   The first place she landed was her soft, comfortable, clean loveseat. The loveseat – though from the acclaimed Fine Furniture Design – was used by her mother, who passed it down to her. It was a soft bright red with two pillows on each couch, which were – in turn – grey with a rose pattern. There were imprints where she and her family had originally sat in, but it was fair enough where there were no springs appearing, no cotton coming out of it, and not even a stench from where her old cat – Marissa – marked her territory.
   As soon as she took off her shoes ever so gracefully, she stood up and walked over to her mahogany table, which was another piece of furniture her father had passed down to her. Her family admired Fine Furniture Designs when it came to tables, chairs for the table, and even China cabinets. However, anything other than – like, say the bedroom and the dressers – they would head on over to Beautyrest in order to find the most comfortable bed out there. As for other accessories such as the rugs, dishes, and even formal dresses, they would pass down these accessories from their ancestors, starting with their great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother Mary, who was a seamstress, and her husband Gary, who made most of his dishes by hand.

   Upon entering the kitchen, she grabs a box of saltine crackers and a wedge of Laughing Cow’s original Swiss cheese, as well as a knife. She reached into the fridge and grabbed at a Neuro Daily Immunity bottle, which she grabs when she wants anything carbonated, but without all the sugars and carbs that are over 35.

“Lunch,” thought Mary-Anne with a sigh as she waltzed over to her mahogany table. “Now let’s get started before I even hear </u>that strange voice again.”

“Miss Mary-Anne…,”</i> speaking of whom, the voice she had brought up came about and sounded as if someone was whispering in her ear.

“Speak of the Devil…,” Mary-Anne thought with a sigh, sitting down and pulling out her trusty equipment: a Mac laptop, a pen, and a book where she has written ideas on what to do in her work in progress novel. “Just ignore that voice and pretend that he’s… a ghost… no, maybe… maybe a Dark Elf… yeah, that’ll work…”

   Shaking the voice out of her head and waiting for the other voices she usually hears, she began to do research on Elves once again, as well as dragons and what the human is like. As she wrote down the ideas in beautiful cursive on a blank space in her book, she looked up names that had meanings behind them and would reflect the personalities. While she thought about what the character should look like, she grabbed a cracker, cut a small piece of cheese, and – after spreading the cheese on the cracker – annihilated it in one bite.


DING…!! DING…!! DING…!! The old Grandfather clock rang at 9 PM sharp, alerting Mary-Anne as to what time it is. She looked back at the clock and noticed the time. Realizing how late it was, she stretched her arms as a yawn escaped her lungs. She lightly scratched her head and looked at how much work she has done so far.

“I just got finished with Chapter 8 of this story,” Mary-Anne thought with a frown, “and I still</u> haven’t thought of a title!!”
   Upon realizing this, Mary-Anne sighed and shook her head with a sigh. With frustration, she closed the laptop and laid her head down on top of it.

“Just give me an idea, and I’ll work with it…,” Mary-Anne prayed in her thought, wanting to get her book finished by the coming deadline. “Just help me…”
Before she knew it, though, she drifted into a deep slumber. One fit for a queen, a man would say. One fit for a goddess, another creature would say.


CLANG!!! CRASH!!! The sound of objects dropping on the floor awoke Mary-Anne in alarm. She glanced around the area she’s located in, and finds that she is still in her current location: the dining room, which connected with the kitchen.
   Slowly, she stood from her position and listened for another sound to come about. Just as she did, she slowly waltzed away from her chair and into the core of her apartment. As she did so, she hoped, prayed even, that it was just her knocking down something from the table. However, what she heard next surprised her: the same voice that spoke to her in her mind, but from her bedroom, of all places.

“Will you be careful, Amalthea?” hissed the male voice, annoyed at some person named Amalthea for some reason. ‘You’ll wake someone up!”

“Well, I’m sorry that I can’t help being a klutz,” a soft-spoken, yet monotonous feminine voice retorted coldly. “It’s who I am.”

“It’s also how you were born,” the male voice grumbled, starting up an argument faster than you can say “hot potato.”
   As the voices – both whom she’s heard from her head – continued to bicker, Mary-Anne slowly walked from the heart of the apartment to the brain of the area: her bedroom. Upon walking in, her eyes adjusted enough to allow her to see two people standing in her room, still arguing over the female’s personality quirk. Quietly, Mary-Anne positioned her hand on the wall to find the light switch.

Click. Upon finding the switch, she turned it on, blinding herself and the two intruders. All three people in the room covered their eyes in unison, as if they were playing a game.

“Crap~!” Mary-Anne cursed within her mind as her eyes attempted to adjust once more. “Why’d I-oh, right. To see the people who’re in my home.”
   As soon as her eyes eventually got used to the lights that shone like a diamond, she looked at the intruders, and to her surprise, they weren’t Humans. They were Elves.

   The woman – whom she could only guess is Amalthea – has hair as red as fire, and it is as long as a waterfall, just stopping at her thighs. Her eyes are as green as grass, and they gleamed with curiosity. Her outfit, though hard to even describing the fabric, is a simple dress that stops just at her knees, and brown boots with a mink-like fur hanging from the hem of the boots, making her camouflage in her woodland home.
   The male, however, is different from many other Elves whom she’s written or read about. He was at least a foot taller, being taller than Mary-Anne and Amalthea, His hair was as black as midnight, and yet his eyes are as blue as the morning sky. His outfit does camouflage like Amalthea’s outfit, yet the clothing he’s donned are as noble as the Elven King Thranduil from Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

“Oh, Mary-Anne!” Amalthea spoke, snapping the author from her state of confusion.

“Y-Yeah~… that’s me,” Mary-Anne said with a nervous laugh. “Mind telling me where you came from?”

“From our home of Gabirel,” the Elven male answered, making Mary-Anne look at him in surprise. “One minute, we were walking through the halls of Dalek Halls, and the next thing we knew, some person used Black Magic and teleported us from our world to yours.”

“… so you’re from my book,” Mary-Anne said with surprise. “And yet… I only recognize Amalthea, but not you, sir.”

“Apparently, I’m new,” the male said in a blunt tone, making Mary-Anne glare at him. “You just wrote me in your book, or… something like that. Hence why I have no name or you have no recognition of me.”

“Give her time, will you?” Amalthea said with a frown. “She wants to match the personality with the name.”

“I… I can make a deal with you,” Mary-Anne said, catching the Elves’ attention. “If I give you a name… can you guys give me ideas for my latest book?”

“We cannot promise you this much,” the Elven male said, “but we will do the best we can.”
   Nodding, Mary-Anne reached for her scrunchie and pulls it out of her hair, letting it fall as gracefully as a cat would from a high place. Putting the hair band around her wrist, she looked at the Elven man and concentrated on a few of his traits. From his boot to the roots of his black hair, and from his blunt attitude to the way a noble stands, Mary-Anne circled him slowly, taking in a few traits in mind.

“You are as tough as a warrior,” Mary-Anne began, looking at the characteristics, “but not for the people. You’re loyal, but you have blunt moments… you even act like a brat from time to time, at least from the first few minutes I’ve met you.”
   At this, Amalthea snickered at the last trait, which – in turn – was given a glare that could kill from the Elven man.

“You’re definitely nice,” Mary-Anne said, catching the man’s attention. “You seem to fight for honor and for your friends. For that, I give you credit… I think your name would be Cibor.”
   Silence filled the air as soon as she named the Elven man. Amalthea looked at the newly named Cibor, and the named Elf looked back at Amalthea in surprise. Mary-Anne took this as a sign of “let me think about it” and gave them a few minutes.

“Cibor… I like that,” Cibor finally said, making Mary-Anne sigh in relief. “Then that shall be my name.”

“Great!” Mary-Anne said with a smile, grabbing both Cibor and Amalthea by their wrists. “Now that we’ve given you a name, let’s attempt to get from Chapter 8 all the way to Chapter 10!”
   Just as she drags the two from her bedroom to her “study area,” Mary-Anne had come to realize that while this might be a hallucination, it also could mean a grand idea awaiting her. With that thought, a title finally pops in her mind: The Elven Warrior: From Another World.

“My title…,” Mary-Anne said with a smile. “I can have Amalthea and Cibor help me document how different this world is from theirs, and rename Earth as a different country, maybe!”

“What is she concocting…?” Cibor asked, looking over to Amalthea. “She has that same smile she used the last time she’s listened to another voice.”

“Oh, give her rest,” Amalthea said with a small smile. “Let her listen to the voices in her head. They’ve never failed her before, and they won’t fail her now.”

Voices in My Head from Another World
... Yeah, this came into my head a few days ago.
Okay, so who knows a song called "C'mon, Marianne?" I don't! I've heard it from Strange Magic, as it was a mashup song if sorts with Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)." And this was originally supposed to be an author entering the world she gave life to... and yet I wanted to do something different, and this is the result... moo.

Okay, let's be real here. This was actually for my Workshop class, and this is my Longer Story. I... actually like it. Sure, there might be a mess up here or there, but I enjoyed writing it. So... comment and tell me what you think. And yes... I like Empire so much I used one of the songs as a ringtone... don't judge.

Disclaimer: I don't own Empire (God, I wish I did), the song from the aforementioned show, and "C'mon, Marianne." I own this story, and I own the characters.

Another Note: I do NOT know if schizophrenics actually hear voices. I took the advice from both Wikipedia and from what :iconthebigcrunchone9: has said about his one OC (or two). So... don't kill me for offending you if I did. I researched as much as I could.
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“Hello, one and all,” Amaterasu said with a small smile. “I am Amaterasu.”

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yatagarasu piped up, smiling like always.

“And we welcome you to our show!” both girls said at the same time with a smile.

“So…,” Ama started off, resting her chin against the backside of her hand. “Those old anime movies back in the day were pretty good… right?”

“It can be a mixed bag,” Yata said with a shrug. “I mean, there were some anime movies that were weird, dark, or downright innocent. But not all of them were that. In fact, one minute, it could get darker than all hell, and the next, it could be light and cutesy.”

“Case in point,” Ama said with a sweatdrop, “Chirin no Suzu, also known as either </i>Chirin’s Bell</i> or Ringing Bell.”

“How could this be one of those movies?” Yata asked, confused as she looked at the picture cover. “This is looks more like a cute little tale of a lamb… basically, it’s just Bambi turned into a lamb.”

“This was based off a children’s book,” Ama said with a sweatdrop, “you do know that, right?”

“Not until now I didn’t,” Yata said with a look of surprise. “All I heard was that it was a G-rated children’s film! It still can’t be like those movies… right?”

“Uhh…,” Ama said with a sweatdrop. “You got the drinks, right?”

“Why must you ask?” Yata said with a sigh, sweatdropping. “Is this gonna be bad?”

“You might as well get curious,” Ama said with a sweatdrop. “Is Chirin’s Bell innocent and cute like we all see, or is the cover deceiving us for a darker story?”

“Let’s prance on through and go on an adventure,” Ama and Yata said at once, beginning the review. “This is Chirin no Suzu, AKA: Ringing Bell.

Chirin no Suzu/Ringing Bell Review
“So take a gander about how we start this off,” Yata said with a smile.

“Opening credits that include a song?” Ama said with a sweatdrop.

“So this song is called Chirin no Suzu,” Ama said, scratching her head. “But since we can’t find the clear English version, here’s the Japanese version, and we’ll give you the lyrics!”

“Okay, okay,” Yata said with a sweatdrop, “this version is kinda bad due to not having lyrics, but at least you can hear it clearly without all that static.”

“Since there is a translated version of this song,” Ama said, holding up a piece of paper, “I’ll tell you the lyrics, and we’ll explain what it could possibly mean.
Translation of  Chirin no Suzu: Chirin come. Come and play, and chase all the clouds away. Little one on the run, how far will you roam? Chirin come. Come and play. Let your dreams carry you away. Hear the bell you love so well that brings you back home. Run and play in the snow. For now, that’s all the life you’ll know. Seasons pass. You will see that life’s not all that free. Chirin, where are you now? I hear that too-familiar sound. Chirin, ring, ring your bell. Let me know all is well.

“What the hell does all that mean?” Yata asked, sweatdropping at the translation.

“I think I get what the song’s telling us,” Ama said with a tilt of her head. “The bell that is heard represents Chirin’s so-called “bell,” as he’s the type who likes to roam away for some reason. I think… other than that, Chirin no Suzu basically explains what will possibly be our tragic character.
“Aside from that, it is very lullaby-ish. Hell, I can imagine a child falling asleep to this. Not only that, it’s melodic and it’s such a simple song that you can hum to it.”

“I agree,” Yata said with a scratch of her head, “but we gotta move on.”

“You’re right, you’re right,” Ama said with a sigh, realizing that the review must go on.

(“Chirin no Suzu” Song: melodic, lullaby-ish, and simple song to learn; explains the upcoming tragedy of the character possibly)

“So in the beginning,” Yata said with a sigh, “it’s snowing as the opening credits roll. After all that’s done, we fade to white, and we are shown… a bell… and there’s our main character, Chirin. As he walks around… in the white void… the narrator kicks in and tells the audience something as Chirin walks around curiously and plays a bit with a butterfly.”

(Narrator: When we are young, we don’t know a lot of things, but the small amount of knowledge we do possess makes us happy. Knowing our home, our friends, how to get places, and maybe how to get back. The world is a strange new place, a great puzzle. Sights, sounds, and smells are its pieces. Goosey things we know nothing about. Things that surprise us and sometimes saddens us. But as we explore and grow, the time comes when we learn… we learn about the world, and we grow older.)

“What a… rather strong moral you’re starting us off with, movie,” Ama said, surprised at the tone of the narrator. “Well, keep that in mind. As the narrator finishes, Chirin jumps and lands on the ground, which happens to be a field of flowers and grass… okay?”

“Chirin runs around and around just to chase that butterfly,” Yata said, “and he attempts to fly, but fails. He follows… something… and digs up for it… and it happens to be a… uhh… gopher thing… I don’t know. That was a plot fart, I guess.”

“The narrator introduces Chirin to the audience as the titular character prances around,” Ama continued on, “and he hits the wooden gate that leads outside the area. Just as he looks at it, his Mom finds him on time. Chirin cuddles against his Mom just as she warns Chirin about the dangers outside the fence, especially the Wolf King… who was originally named Wolf.”

(Chirin’s Mom: You see that mountain? That’s where the Wolf King lives, and his favorite food is baby lamb.)

“Well, Chirin isn’t afraid of the so-called Wolf King,” Ama said, “but he was startled by that rabbit… you’re not gonna get far, kiddo. Also, do you have to make sounds when there is clearly no sound to be made?”

“It might have been in the Japanese version, Ama,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “She warns him about not going past that fence, but he runs off with the rabbit that scared him just a few seconds ago.”

“A timeskip happens as the rest of the song plays,” Ama continued. “We see that the lambs go back to their homes, I think, as Chirin’s mother looks for her baby. Seriously, who the f*ck</i> doesn’t watch their child?!”

“Chirin being lost just makes Chirin’s Mom sad,” Yata moved on, “and she hears the bell, to which she finds Chirin a few feet away from her. She does fuss at him, of course, but as he apologizes, she tears up and hugs him… okay?”

“So another timeskip happens,” Ama moved on. “And then filler occurs as we see fall arriving. Again, another timeskip occurs, and we see that it’s dark. We look inside the barn and see that everyone is asleep, especially Chirin, but… suddenly, the dogs start barking, waking everyone with the exception of Chirin up. The door opens wide and we see the Wolf King.”

“The lambs – except for the sleeping Chirin – run away,” Yata said, “and… the Wolf King kills</i> one of the lamb. He then aims for Chirin, but his mother-.”

(*After Chirin’s mother jumps over Chirin to save his life, the effect of the Wolf King slashing her down is seen as the color goes from yellow to orange and finally red.*)

“HOLY SH*T, MOVIE!!” Ama and Yata shouted at the same time, shocked at the out-of-blue murder that had just occurred.

“Yata… what was that rating…?” Ama asked, looking at Yata in shock.

“G…,” Yata replied as her eyes are on the screen. “Umm… moving on, I guess… the Wolf King leaves… without taking his victims with him… c’mon, didn’t you hear what the last wolf said?”


“… well, that was about goats,” Yata said with a sweatdrop, “but it’s the same thing. Anyways, Chirin comes out from under his mother’s corpse – that’s some Kid!Law sh*t there – and as he attempts to fall asleep, he talks to his Mother… and he comes to the realization that his Mom’s dead as a doornail.”

“This is pretty sad…,” Ama said with a frown. “But… it’s not as sad as the death of Mufasa. Hell, it’s not even matching the death of Bambi’s Mother. I think it’s because we received more character from those two than we did Chirin’s Mom…
“I mean… sorry for reopening any wounds – as these two scenarios happen to be the most tragic deaths of all Disney films – but… remember that moment Simba saw his own father’s corpse once the area cleared out? Everyone cried to that. Even the adults to this day cried over his death. Bambi’s Mother’s death? We didn’t see the body – thank God, because that was Walt Disney’s original plan – but we can feel the pain Bambi felt when the Great Prince of the Forest tells him these words</i>.”

(The Great Prince of the Forest: Your mother cannot be with you anymore.)

“With Chirin’s mother’s death, though…,” Ama continued on as Yata only nodded in agreement. “We… don’t have that connection we had with Bambi’s Mom and Mufasa. All we know is that she’s your average mother that appears and dies because… plot point. Oh, and can I point out that no other sheep is comforting Chirin?</i> C’mon, movie! You need the protagonist to be comforted… like Scar – though a villain – comforted Simba whereas the Great Prince of the Forest comforted Bambi! Yes, I’m saying that Scar’s the better comforter than these dumbass lamb… sheep… whatever they’re supposed to be!”

“Thank you, Scar,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “So as Chirin calmed down, the Narrator tells us this little shindig.”

(Narrator: Chirin couldn’t understand what his mother had done to deserve dying at the hands of the Wolf King. What did any of the sheep do for that matter? But the wolf still came and the sheep still died, helpless at the fangs of their enemies. Nature had been unfair to Chirin, and to his mother.)

“Chirin’s mother saved his ass,” Ama said with a vein popping. “Oh well! Who the f*ck cares?! Chirin runs past the gate and heads to where the Wolf King lives.”

“Our point of view changes from where Chirin was to the mountain,” Yata continued on, “and we see Chirin climbing the mountain and – like a dumbass – calls out for the wolf… who is right above him. Chirin claims that he’s gonna kill the Wolf King for killing his mother, but the Wolf King – with the flick of his tail – pushes him off a bit. Chirin climbs back up, but falls down in the pit, and remains unconscious down there. He’s not dead, don’t worry about it.”

“Anyways, the Sun’s up,” Ama moved on, “and we see the wolf enjoying a drink of water. Chirin – being the courageous f*cker that he is – climbs up and says what he’s gonna do!”

(Chirin: Wolf, alright, I’ve decided to be your apprentice and learn to be strong as if I were a real wolf like you!)

“…,” Ama and Yata looked on with confusion written on their faces, wondering what they heard was right.

(Chirin: I’m sick of being a sheep! All we ever do is stand in corners and shake! I wanna learn to be a scary wolf just like you are! You like the idea of me becoming your apprentice, don’t you?!)

“So…,” Ama said with a vein appearing on her head. “Chirin is sick and tired of being a sheep… and he wants to become as strong as the Wolf King – the being that killed his own mother – and become a scary wolf…”

“That’s…,” Yata said with a sweatdrop as she slides out of her chair and under the table, preparing what’s to come. “That’s what I heard…”

“Movie, no!!!” Ama shouted in anger, realizing what Chirin said made little to no sense. “It’s a kill or be killed world out there, I understand that! Especially when you’re a lamb… sheep… whatever Chirin is, that’s always on the run from a wolf, but you don’t make a protagonist learn from the one creature that murdered his loved one!! If you want to be strong, you learn from the one who you want to overcome, I get that, but Chirin wants to learn from his predator, the very same predator that killed his Mom!!
“I can’t believe I’m using an example from an anime that came out years later, but… f*cking One Piece did this well with Sabo not wanting to be a World Noble!! Why do I say this works better? Because that’s his own choice and no one killed his family!! In fact, he hated them to where he wouldn’t wanna be like them!! Sh*t, DRAGON BALL Z pulled this plot better than you with Vegeta!!! Sure, he was trained by the guy who killed the Saiyans and destroyed his home, but he didn’t up and claim “Hey! I’m sick of being a Saiyan! Teach me how to be like you!!”
“Movie, I get you were based off a children’s book that slaps you in the face as soon as the dark part of the story kicks in, but sh*t!!”

“… you need some Oreos?” Yata asked, appearing from under the table.

“I’ll be right f*cking back,” Ama said, standing up and grabbing her keys. “I need a f*cking Symphony Chocolate Bar. Yata, you continue with this story!”

“Uh…,” Yata said with a sweatdrop as Ama slammed the door. “Okay… so, after that… plot f*ck-up or whatever Chirin stated.”

(Chirin: Wolf, alright, I’ve deci-!)

“Okay, we get it!” Yata shouted, clearing her throat to calm down. “When the Wolf King walks towards Chirin, he runs away, but the Wolf King was just simply going to his resting spot so he could… well, rest. Chirin is persistent, though, and-.”

(Chirin: Why don’t you let me try?! I’m not gonna leave you alone until you say yes, so why don’t you just wake up and listen! Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, WAKE UP~~~!!!)

“Thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Yata said, covering her ears just as the scene passes. “I’m sorry, but if you make me use that meme, you’re that</b> annoying.
“After that annoying part, the Wolf King tells him to pipe down and tells him to go back to the farm and, in a few months, he’ll eat him… despite not taking his victims so he can f*cking eat them in the beginning…”


“Shaddap, Barry,” Yata said just as Ama walked back in the house with deep fried Oreos. “Hey, you’re back.”

“And I brought fried Oreos from the corner stand,” Ama said as she sat down, putting a plate of 6 deep fried Oreos down in front of Yata. “I brought you some. So what did I miss?”

“The most annoying scene that made me lose my f*cking mind that I had to use the Arnold “Shut Up” meme,” Yata said, making Ama sigh.

“We’re gonna die from this, aren’t we?” Ama said, ready to continue as she takes a bite of her deep fried Oreos. “So… Chirin goes to a field so he can try and be a wolf, but the bison laughs at him and blow him away. The skunk then laughs at him, then stinks him. The gophers then laugh, only to dig under the ground and play around with Chirin. Hell, they put him in a dirt ball and roll him off a hill, and he lands in what I can make out as a vineyard with thorns. Okay, movie, you’re getting too mean spirited here.”

“After that, he goes back to the water hole and drank something,” Yata said with a sweatdrop, “and the Wolf King shows up and walks past him. Chirin, being persistent once again, goes after him. Then we get to see the Wolf King fight and beat a bear with two single swoops, making him run away like a little pansy. Then he attacks and kills an antelope.”

“Chirin was watching, and he is scared,” Ama said with a sigh, “but he refuses to leave when the Wolf King tells him to go on home.”

(Chirin: I’m going to keep following you until you agree to teach me to be like a wolf!)

“YOU’RE! A F*CKING! SHEEP!!” Ama shouted, getting fed up with Chirin. “When will you understand that God made you a sheep… lamb… whatever the f*ck you are!!”

“Before she loses her mind, Chirin continues to pester with the Wolf King and even follow him up and down a mountain,” Yata said, worried about Ama’s mindset. “Oh, and Chirin… uh… gets caught in a rampaging river and sunk down in a whirlpool. When he sees this, the Wolf King says this.”

(Wolf King: Hmph… so much for dinner.)

“Oh, now</b> you realized you can eat f*cking sheep?” Yata said with a frown. “You’re one sad, strange old wolf, and you have my pity.”

“As the Wolf King naps, he wakes to the sound of a ringing bell,” Ama said, watching the scene, “and we see that it’s – who else – Chirin, claiming he’ll follow him wherever he goes. You’re as persistent as f*cking Luffy, I’ll give you that much.”

“So filler passes by once more,” Yata said with a sigh, “the narrator tells us that Chirin really does follow the wolf, and how some things  reminded him of his home. Chirin comes across a snake and bird fighting, and… well, damn, the snake kills Mama Bird.”

“Chirin does make the snake run off, but the eggs don’t survive…,” Ama said with a tilt of her head. “Well, the Wolf King explains the Law of Nature to Chirin as he cries over a bunch of broken eggs. And… well, Chirin gives his explanation as to why he wants to be like the Wolf King.”

“The Wolf King finally agrees to train the little brat,” Yata said with a tilt of her head, “and we see this through f*cking montage.”

(*As the montage plays, we see the Wolf King and Chirin train, and Chirin breaks through a tree.*)

“Okay, now you’ve gone too far with f*cking physics,” Ama and Yata said together with a sweatdrop. “I understand if you’re a damn animal with horns, but sh*t.”

“Well, they still defy physics during their training,” Ama said with a sweatdrop, “and… Chirin grows horns…? What does he look like by the end of this montage?”

“Well, he-HELLO!!!” Yata said as she finally saw Chirin’s grown-up version. “Movie, now you’re f*cking me over!! What’s Chirin supposed to be?! A sheep, a lamb, or a f*cking ram?! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!”

“Oh, God, Yata’s ranting…,” Ama sweatdrops as she witnessed her friend going insane. “Like the narrator said, two years pass by, and Chirin goes from a little lamb to a f*cking ram. The Wolf King claims he’s proud of Chirin, and the latter claims to see the Wolf King as a fa-Hold up. You can’t f*cking see the murderer as your father! That’s like-y’know what? Nope. Usually, I would go as far as to say what I think would say, but I don’t want to bring up any bad memories if they have those certain memories.”

“Okay, so Chirin and the Wolf King go back to the former’s original home,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “Chirin then goes to kill the sheep, but not before he attacks the dogs.”

(*As the scene goes on, Ama and Yata see just how violent the movie is as Chirin kills a few shepherd dogs.*)

“Okay, uh…,” Yata said, grabbing a bottle of wine. “I wanna end it. Chirin attempts to kill the sheep, but seeing a scene that reminds him so much of how his mother saved him actually makes him back out and realize what he’s become. He runs back out, and the Wolf King notices that Chirin can’t kill the sheep. So, what happens? Chirin fights the Wolf King, of course!!”

(Chirin: *as he fights the Wolf King* I AM A RAM!!)

“Before I grab a gun,” Ama said as she facepalmed to Chirin’s words, “Chirin kills the Wolf King, the same damn wolf that killed his mother. As the Wolf King dies, he praises Chirin. When Chirin turns to the sheep, the baby sheep comes walking to him, but Mama Sheep grabs him and the others just… don’t accept him… God… f*cking… DAMMIT!!! You sheep are worse than those who don’t wanna change! In fact, you represent those who hate change!! Chirin saved your asses and even tried to explain that he once lived with you, and all you can do is just isolate him?! You! Are! SCUM!!! You make me wanna actually apologize to some people!!”

“I’m scared!” Yata said, hiding under the table as if she was Phoenix Wright. “Just finish the damn review~!!”

“Okay, fine~!” Ama said with a sigh. “Chirin goes back to the mountains, where it snows. Chirin hallucinates and thinks the Wolf King is there, but he isn’t. And… well, it ends with… snow, sadness, and Chirin crying out for the Wolf King. As we fade away from the setting, the narrator tells us… well, how the lamb were wrapped up in their lives, and the gentle sound of a bell being heard by the sheep, who claim to either remember Chirin or believe that he was a ghost…”

End of Chirin no Suzu/Ringing Bell Review
“And that was Chirin no Suzu,” Yata said with a sigh, “and… it’s one of those movies that you either love it or you hate it.
“The story is from a children’s book, so it’s expected for it to follow the plot somehow someway. But… the English dub for Chirin is so annoying, and this is for the child version of him, not the badass ram he turns into. The character development actually works here, but… it was funky, especially with Chirin seeing the Wolf King as a father-figure. I swear, I almost ranted upon hearing that.”

“When it comes to animation,” Ama said as she calmed down, “it’s true to the time it came out, so it’d be a classic. Yes, the story is one of those “slap the innocence outta you” stories that doesn’t deserve the G rating it got, but it’s enjoyable. Oh, and can I mention the moral. The moral seems to be that your innocence is lost as a child, and seeing how children overseas are… uh, were fighting in a war they weren’t supposed to be in… I can see that. But seriously…? This just upped it to eleven to where I can’t even rewatch the scenes that had taken place.”

“All in all, if you wanna see just how a movie can go from innocent to dark,” Yata said with a frown, “go ahead and watch it. Just be sure to not have a child around to see the… “gruesome” parts of the movie.”

“Welp, I’m finished,” Ama said with a sigh. “I’m Amaterasu, and I’m gonna get me a f*cking beer.”

“… I’m Yatagarasu,” Yata said with a sweatdrop as Ama got out of her seat and did just that. “So, uh… au revior.”

</i>Chirin’s Bell</i>
Songs: None, with the exception of the beginning and montage songs
Character Development: Plays its part, but was kind of vague.
Animation: Classic, true to the time it came out; some f*ck ups here and there.
Stars: 3.5/5
Buy, Borrow, or Burn: wise to borrow, but buy if you love it
Chirin's Bell Review
Yes, I know it's called Ringing Bell, but still... anyways, hiya. I'm posting this so I can get it out of my mind and out of my life... hopefully. So here's a review for you, and sorry for going over the top. It's just... goodness... well, have fun.

Chirin's Bell (C) Takashi Yanase
Ama and Yata (C) Me
Videos and Pictures (C) Their Rightful Owners

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