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Please Spread This Around

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2016, 1:49 PM

Heh, Welcome aboard...

psa public safety issueplease read this and spread it like wild fire, this is highly important and concerning
**tw rape mentions**
this group is a "make rape legal" group and the head of it has admitted to assaulting and raping women before
the tweet has a link to the places they plan to meet to attack and assault women
if you are female identifying or are of the female sex please take caution if you live in these areas or plan to be in/near these areas at any time soon
your safety is the utmost importance
if you read in the tweets youll see that the orlando police twitter has responded to this itself stating that they will be letting the proper officials know
please stay safe you guys <3

You know what makes me sick...? People like this man and his followers (and so many more who do... HORRIBLE things). What I don't like is feeling unsafe in my area, ESPECIALLY on a Saturday night. 

Please, for everyone's safety, SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!!

Thanks to :iconego-man25:, :iconxfangheartx:, and :iconyellowpikmin88: for the warning in the journals.

EDIT: So I realized my disgust for these... "make rape legal" group is too strong. They are the f*ckers. No one else but those who are associated with the "make rape legal" group (and any other crime against God and humanity). For this, I apologize for letting my disgust get the better of me.

Be sure to visit :iconzommbay: On devianart!
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I was just watching a video while doing my HW. Look up this animal: Mountain Chicken. Come back and respond as soon as you see it.
School started back up. So if anything - ANYTHING AT ALL - seems off, that's why. I'm busy with English galore, a dance class, and a physical science class I didn't know that included math... Yeah, I'll only be available via comments/notes. Otherwise, don't expect something unless it's during a holiday.
“Hello, guys!” Ama said with a smile. “I’m Amaterasu!”

“And I’m Yatagarasu!!” Yata said, waving to the audience.

“And welcome to our newly-named show,” Ama and Yata said together. “The Yatama Reviews!!”
(A/N: Thanks, Ego-Man. I needed a name for the show.)

“First off, we wish you all a Happy New Year!” Yata said with a smile, clapping her hands. “And now, we would like to say that one of my favorite fairy tales is the one with the princess and the frog prince.
“The story was created by Brothers Grimm, and it is the first story in their collection. So… guess what: in the original version, the transformation was not triggered by the Princess kissing the frog. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. In fact, it was triggered when the Princess threw the frog against the wall out of sheer disgust. Why? Because he was treating her like a servant.”

“Oh, well…,” Ama said with a frown. “Someone needs to throw Video Brinquedo’s The Frog Prince out the window and into the sun.”

“What the hell is this… cover art?” Yata asked, looking at the box cover. “It looks like someone just copy-and-paste this sh*t for no reason.”

“Oh, well, I guess,” Ama said with a frown. “Got the drinks.”

“And the Reese’s Cups!” Yata replied, holding up a six-pack and a bag of Reese’s cups.

“Good,” Ama said with a sigh. “Let’s just… listen to the voice and pick out our true love… I think…”

“This is The Frog Prince,” Ama and Yata said together, the former sighing whereas the latter is picking up a Reese’s Cup and proceeds to eat it.

The Frog Prince Review Begin
“So, we start off with-it’s worse than I thought…,” Ama said as soon as the animation appeared. “This animation’s so… so… blocky, and nothing’s moving except the characters! It’s like the background and the characters… don’t mix. Y’know what I mean.”

“The narrator tells us what’s going on,” Yata said, scratching her head and sighing, “and while doing so, he gives us the rundown on our main character, Princess Iria, who I think is the worst princess I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

(Narrator: Once upon a time in a far, far away land, there was a young and beautiful princess. Her name was Iria…
Iria: Wow, what a beautiful shell. But~, there’s really nothing special about it.
Narrator: She was very demanding and, in her mind, nothing seems to be at eth same level of her beauty. Iria was King Dongo’s only daughter, and her behavior made her very worried.)

“Also, I hope you guys hear the background music while they’re talking,” Ama said with a frown. “It’s one of the worst BGM’s I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Moving on, the King asks why she had turned away the fifth eligible bachelor this month, and she finds him and the previous four men because they were all weird to him. This girl wants a “genuine prince charming.” Lady, the last Prince Charming turned out to be a villain and paid the price for nearly killing the Queen and leaving the Princess to die.”

“Here’s the rundown: if she doesn’t marry by the next moon where they crown her, she loses her inheritance,” Yata said with a sigh. “Iria, however, reassures him that they should not worry about it… God, she makes Chi Chi from the Dragon Ball series look like a saint. Yes, I just complimented on how Chi Chi is nicer than Iria.”

“Later that night,” Ama said with a frown, “she-.

(Narrator: That night, the young princess seriously thought about her future, and for perhaps the very first time, her thoughts caused her to be concerned.)

“Thanks, Captain Obvious,” Ama said with a sigh. “Anyways, Princess Iria here hears a voice outside her window… the voice calls himself “The Spirit of Nature.” That’s… the dumbest name I’ve heard, but whatever. He tells her an oracle and tells her to marry the very first creature she speaks to… This movie just gave up, and we’re almost four minutes into it.”

“Of course,” Yata continued, eating her Reese’s cup, “Iria does fuss to him about it, then this comes up… because why not?”

(Iria: What was she transformed into? Perhaps a frog??)

“The response?” Ama and Yata said together.

(“The Spirit of Nature”: No. She was not that lucky. She was transformed into a banana tree, and – by the way – frogs are definitely not hideous!)

“Wow, just… give yourself away like that, huh?” Ama asked with a sigh. “But Iria doesn’t notice this little drop, and she rests… and – hey, look. The Spirit of Nature was a frog all along… my God, you make Usopp’s disguise as Sogeking look realer than anything you’ve done!!!”

“Okay, the next day comes,” Yata said with a sigh, “and filler… yeah. Iria just tells her father about what happened last night, and he decides to lock her up because oracle. Not because of a curse, but because of an oracle. Sheesh, I thought Nemo’s Dad was overprotective.”

“Princess Iria returns to her room just as the frog reaches her window,” Ama said, “and immediately, King Dongo finds the man who could possibly the one: Prince Zhen-Gui Du… uhh… not gonna go into that.”

“So I guess… filler passes by,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “Seriously, they’re just fussing… again. Blah, blah, blah… the argument escalates… and Iria finally meets the frog, and oh God, this frog is somewhat of a smartass.”

“Iria tells the frog her problems,” Ama said, “and she claims that they are only ordinary, greedy men who are after the money, and how she’s waiting for her Prince Charming. B*tch, I’mma say this again: the. Last. Prince. Charming. Almost. Killed. The Queen. And. Left. The Princess. To Die!! Also, hi, Disney soundtrack that has been ripped off for some reason.”

“The frog decides to help by… uh…,” Yata said, as the scene changes. “Okay, I guess he gives her ear plugs or some sh*t like that. So, we see who Zhen Gui Du is, and… yeah, looks kind of douchey to me. Iria comes down on her father’s orders, and we see that she has a… something in her ears.”

“Regardless, she can’t hear anybody,” Ama said. “Iria and Zhen Gui Do go outside and they talk… well, Zhen Gui Do talks while Iria just walks… okay, gotta get this out: ‘Cause this is filler~!! Filler time~!! There, got it!!”

“Uhh…,” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “The Princess nods while Zhen Gui Do talks, and while she nods, he gets offended and leaves. There was no point in that. All she could of said was “I don’t wanna marry you,” then boom. Done.”

“Again, she and her father argue,” Ama sighed in frustration, “and apparently, it’s about the whole “I’m not listening to no oracle because I want me my Prince Charming” thing. She then claims that she’ll not talk to anybody outside the palace… yeah, hate her.”

“Of course, the plan works,” Yata said with a sigh. “So… the frog wants to be repaid with a kiss. Here’s this little brat’s response.”

(Princess Iria: *horribly laughs* That’s a good one! *laughs* Give you a kiss! *laughs* Me kissing a frog! *laughs* Imagine that: a kiss! Good one! *laughs* You’re funny!)

“Yep… you’re a b*tch,” Ama said with a twitch of her eyebrow. “So, she refuses to give him a kiss. So filler and filler and filler, and Iria are still friends after that damn conversation. The next day, Iria talks to her Dad… again… and more filler passes by. Wow, for being halfway into this 38:31 long movie, this movie has lost the will to keep going.”

“Wait… this is how long?!” Yata asked, prepared to lose her cool.

“You heard me,” Ama said with a shrug. “Thirty-eight minutes and thirty-one seconds long.”

“WHY SO SHORT, MOVIE?!!” Yata shouted, making Ama jump in surprise. “Okay, I get this is supposed to be for kids, but at least make it long enough to where-… actually… never mind. Don’t even try to make it long!! You have Ratatoing for that!! Friggin’ Ratatoing is longer than this dung!!”

“… you okay?” Ama asked, confused.

“I’m good,” Yata said, sitting down and dusting herself off. “Okay… anyways~! The King tells his daughter that she has to respect the “oracle” or else. So he gives her a story: about a king from a nearby country.”

(King Dongo: I remember once a king in a nearby country disobeyed an order by the Spirit of Rain. The result was a mess! With that whole kingdom ending up underwater! While, like you, the king thought it was a silly superstition.
Iria: That’s quite a story. What was the name of that kingdom?
King Dongo: I don’t remember. I just know the story. The story is the important point.)

“Hey, uh… sans,” Ama said, her phone next to her ear. “I needed to call you so I can hear a joke from you… yeah, uh… yeah, the joke I heard was terrible… gimme a good one…”

“While Ama’s on the phone with… whoever the hell sans is,” Yata said, sweatdropping in confusion. “Iria runs off to her room because she believes her Father “doesn’t care about her happiness” and listens to the law. Okay, the “Spirit of Nature” speaks to Iria, and filler… filler… filler… they talk about the frog… blah~… blah~… f*cking blah…”

(Iria: Why is that Spirit interested in me kissing a frog?)

“THE SPIRIT IS THE FROG, YOU DUMB B*TCH!!!” Ama and Yata shouted in anger.

“Okay, the next day comes by,” Ama said with a sigh, “and she is informed that her crowning has been moved up… to the next day. The Prime Minister wants to have her hand in marriage, and this is what she says about that fool.”

(Iria: He is a boring, clumsy old man who has horribly bad breath! Other than that, he is quite a treat.)

“God, I hope you get a horrible person to be your husband…,” Yata said with a frown. “So, we see a picture of him, and – good God, that’s what Eustace Baggs would probably look like. Again, more f*cking filler comes by… ugh, how much filler is there~!!”

“So Iria cries in her room, wishing that she hadn’t turned down the previous men,” Ama said with a silent “dumb@$$” following it, “and she hears the frog. She comes outside, and dumb@$$ being a dumb@$$, she has to marry the frog due to the oracle from “The Spirit of Nature” thanks to the woman being stupid.”

“Iria storms back to her room after she argues with the frog,” Yata said with a sigh, “and we see the Prime Minister… whose personality is so horrible that Eustace Baggs would call him a heartless man.”

“So the filler passes by,” Ama said with a sigh, “and Iria sees the Prime Minsiter. What response do we get from him?”

(Prime Minister: Is that all of her? Oh, she’s so skinny I can see her bones! I like bigger women!!)

“So, Iria hates the Prime Minister,” Ama said with a sigh, “and… good God, I would love to say that she deserves it, but… oh, screw it. She deserves this sh*t.
“Anyways, Iria tells them that she doesn’t have to marry the Prime Minister because she talked to the frog outside the palace… and the frog shows himself.”

“So crazy-@$$ filler is there when she explains how it happened,” Yata said, facepalming. “The King has to agree with a sad heart, and the Prime Minister leaves. The frog wants a kiss, but Iria refuses… again. God, I hate her!!”

“Iria fusses to her room,” Ama sighed, angered at Iria. “She is right that the frog happily tricked her. The frog apologizes, and… well, Iria apologizes, too. She finally stops dreaming of a Prince Charming, and she kisses the frog, who turns into… yeah, dude. Stay as a frog. You’re better that way.”

“So Iria gets her Prince Charming despite doing nothing to deserve him whatsoever?” Yata asked rather angrily. “… why~?!!”

(Narrator: So Iria and the Prince got married, and lived happily ever-.
*The Prince hops like a frog and ribbits.*
Iria: Prince! How many times do I have to tell you: practice walking!
Narrator: Well… the princess needed a lot of patience while the prince had to lose some old habits. But apart from that, they did live happily ever after.)

The Frog Prince Review End</b>
“So… that The Frog Prince,” Ama said with a sigh. “This movie… short… thing was sh*t. Like… literally, I can’t.”

“No character development, a spoiled brat as a princess, blocky animation, and grating background music,” Yata explained, summing up the short in one go, “this movie is possibly the worst we’ve seen so far. Then again, Video Brinquedo has more of these ripoffs, and I think we have to dive in to those next.”

“So… I’m Amaterasu,” Ama said with a smile.

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yata said with a shrug.

“Happy New Years~!!” both girls said as they clinked their glasses and drank their wine coolers.

The Frog Prince
   Songs</i>: None
   Animation: Awful
   Character Development: None whatsoever
   Stars: -1/5
   Buy, Borrow, or Burn: Just… burn it
Video Brinquedo's The Frog Prince Review
Alright, first DA post to kick off 2016!! Let's go!!

So I decided to torture myself… only this time, it’s shorter than normal. This is still a Video Brinquedo studio film, don’t get me wrong, but… okay, this is gonna hurt. What happens when you have a spoiled brat for a princess and you’re trying to marry her off before her crowning? Oh, God, it’s a nightmare for this one.

I didn’t give birth to this… “movie.” This belongs to Video Brinquedo.

I don’t own any videos whatsoever. They belong to their rightful owners.

I only own Amaterasu and Yatagarasu.
118 deviations

Sayonara, 2015!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 9:52 PM

Heh, Welcome aboard...

Boy, 2015 was a rough year for all of us! 

Sure, there were good parts of 2015, as well... just can't recall them. Hopefully, 2016 will be a better year for all of us!! I wish you all a Happy New Year, and may your New Years Resolutions... be... pretty good!

MissAmaterasu18, out!!

Be sure to visit :iconzommbay: On devianart!
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Undertake the Game: just watched Cry doing a walkthrough of it, and... yeah. I think I found out why I have a hatred for yellow objects, ESPECIALLY flowers.
“Hey, guys!” Amaterasu said with a smile. “I am Amaterasu.”

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yata said with a smile.

“And we love Disney’s Ratatouille!!” both girls say as a song from the movie is heard in the background.

(BGM: Cast of Cooks from Disney’s Ratatouille)

“Damn, this movie was very original,” Ama said with a smile. “Hell, the food in there is basically food porn.”

“Not as much as Food Wars,” Yata said, drooling. “No matter, as this movie made me want to go to Paris and have some of their food~!!”

“You know what’s not fun, though?” Ama asked, her smile turning upside down. “Ripping off Disney films before they even come out… Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you Video Brinquedo.”

“Okay, so don’t bash them out,” Yata said with a frown, “but this is a Brazilian animation studio that is located in São Paulo. It’s known to create… animated mockbuster films… more like ripoffs… and yes, they come from similar films by Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, and sometimes other studios such as Don Bluth.”

“How do we know this?” Ama asked with a tilted head. “Because we found out that these fools ripped off Ratatouille and made Ratatoing.

“Oh, God~…,” Ama said with a sigh. “What the f*ck is even a Ratatoing!?”

“You know… that’s probably a made-up word,” Yata said, confused. “I have the countless list of memes prepared, though.”

“Good,” Ama said with a frown. “Let’s enter the world of Rio de Janeiro, cook for the other mice, and hide our secrets from the other rats.”

“This is Ratatoing,” Ama and Yata said in unison, sighing all the while.

Ratatoing Review Begin</b>
“So, we begin this review with the narrator telling us about the restaurant and the area,” Ama said with a frown. “The Pokemon narrator sounds more bored here than he did in Pokemon… yeesh. Not even a minute in, and he’s ready for his paycheck.”

“So Amy Ro-… Amy Rose, no~!!” Yata said, remembering the pink mouse’s voice very well. “So, Amy Rose works at the restaurant, and they all talk about the damn restaurant… this goes on for… how long?”

(A/N: Uhh… almost 4 minutes.)

“Well, sh*t!” Ama said with a sigh. “While they’re getting filler out, let’s count out the 4Kids people! We have Wayne Grayson as Marcell Toing, Lisa Ortiz as Carol, Mike Pollock as Greg, Marc Diraison as Octavio, and both the Narrator and the Glasses-Wearing Rat as Mike Pollock!!
“So… here’s the kicker, Wayne Grasyon played Ruka in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Joey Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh, and Michelangelo in the 2003 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Don’t get me started on Lisa Ortiz, who is famous for playing Amy Rose from the Sonic series and Serenity Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh. Mike Pollock is the voice actor of Doctor Eggman from the Sonic series. Marc Diraison… is Guts</b> from Berserk?! … they’ve moved on, right? Did they get better jobs for some greater anime?”

(A/N: As far as I’m concerned, they are getting better with their voice acting, especially Marc Diraison.)

“Oh, that’s good,” Ama said with a sigh, holding her head. “Oh, the agony… I hope they got a huge-ass check from this sh*t.”

“Are they done yet?” Yata asked, looking surprised. “Is the filler still going?”

(A/N: Okay, so this takes ten minutes.)

“TOO LONG!!!” Ama shouted, still angered about Marc Diraison playing in a disgrace of a movie. “So, the story kicks off… I think… when the two rats… whose names we’ve no clue about… asks Marcell Toing about the secret ingredients of his food… why would you tell them the-?”

(*Marcell leaves a notepad with the words “Ingedientes Secretos Ratatoing/The Secret Ingredients of Ratatoing.”*)

“That’s one meme down, a lot more to go,” Ama said with a frown, looking at the screen in anger. “The plot kind of kicks in when Marcell, Carol, and Greg go on their “mission” of sorts, and the four rats… whose names we’ve no idea yet… are the antagonists, as Marcell’s restaurant – Ratatoing – is overshadowing their own, hence why they are searching for a weakness.”

“We then have a… what the f*ck?” Yata said as Marcell, Greg, and Carol suit up. “We have a suiting up montage?”

“Uhh… this goes on for a minute and a half…,” Ama said with a sweatdrop. “They’re… posing for someone who isn’t there….”

“That was all pointless,” Ama said with a frown. “Carol, Marcell, and Greg head out to do… whatever their mission is. The frame jumps back to the antagonists… and we only know Oscar is the glasses-wearing mouse… and they are arguing about how hard they are going down because of them eating at the restaurant every day, and how they leave their management to waiters and others. Hey, stupid, that’s why you have managers and spies!!

“So another frame jump occurs, and we see Marcell and the gang enter the human’s kitchen,” Yata said as Marcell and friends  jump out of the light switch, which their way in and out of the human’s restaurant.

(*Greg knocks over the spoon, causing Marcell to shush him.*)

“… and the point of that scene was…?” Ama asked, looking confused. “Okay, the rat who said she was not gonna go back to Ratatoing goes back to pick up the notebook.”

“Hello, don’t mind me~!” Yata said, trying to imitate the female rat’s voice. “I’m just gonna grab my book that my buddies and I use to write down any information about your restaurant out of here~!!”

(Female Rat with Jaw-Length Hair: Hello~? Is there anybody here? I forgot something!)

“That was a joke!!” Yata said with a sweatdrop. “So, the female rat sees the door and does… something. We don’t know because we cut back to Marcell and friends, who are hunting for fresh ingredients, and this time, they’re getting strawberries.”

“So he uses a grappling hook to try and get the strawberry and succeeds,” Ama said, “and Greg flips the switch and turns on the ceiling fan. Let me get this outta my system or I’m gonna be saying this all damn day.”

“Thanks, Red,” Ama said with a sigh. “So, the female rat goes in the kitchen, and she decides to do some snooping like a rat usually does, and finds the secret passageway.”

“As for the gang, Carol’s got the berry somehow,” Yata said with a sweatdrop, “and Greg comes up with a wonderful idea!”

(Greg: I’ll grab you! *grabs Marcell, only to get in the same predicament*)

“I’m gonna grab onto you while this damn contraption is still spinning!!” Ama said in a mocking tone. “During this, we get what seems to be a funny, but turns out to be annoying.”

(Carol: Greg, how did you turn that thing on?!
Greg: I think I pushed the switch!!
Carol: What switch?
Greg: Push the button behind you!
Carol: Did you say pull?
Greg: No, not pull the button! Push the button!)

“DO SOMETHING THAT’S WORTH OUR TIME!!!!” Ama and Yata shouted in unison, apparently sick and tired of what they found annoying.

(A/N: Thought I was gonna pull a Shia LaBeouf and use the “Do It” clip? It’s already been done, so… no.)

“STOP TALKING!!” Ama and Yata shouted to the sky, scaring the Author’s Notes.

(A/N: S-Sorry!!)

“So Carol solves the riddle and pushes the button as the female rat finds the secret to Ratatoing,” Ama said. “Wait… why didn’t they close that hatch…? Plot holes… they’re evident so much in this damn thing…”

“After their heads stop spinning,” Yata said with a sweatdrop, “they head on back to their restaurant with their strawberry… they didn’t notice that female rat walking away as the ceiling fan slowed both Marcell and Greg down?”

“Apparently not,” Ama said, sighing as she rubbed her temples. “My main question is… how the flying f*ck can you make so many meals with that one berry?”

“Then we get this damn filler,” Yata said, gesturing to Octavio.

(Octavio: *is looking at the Hmm… let’s see now. Greg asked me to do something before I went home, but what was it? I think it was, umm… uhh, let me see now… I think I had to go to the store! But which store? Nah, that’s not it because there’s no store open today! I think I had to, uhh… move the tables and clean the floor, that’s it! But I’ve already cleaned the floors! No, no! That can’t be it! Uhh… oh, I forget, but whatever it was I was supposed to do I’ll just do it later! It’ll be fine!)

“So our antagonists… CAN WE GET THE DAMN NAMES OF THESE MORONS?!!” Ama said, only to scream until realizing that they know almost nothing about these characters. “In order to have a named protagonist, you have to have an named antagonist! Even The Neverending Story got that point, and even gave the antagonist two names!!”

“… here you go,” Yata said, holding up a Snicker’s bar. “You need to eat this.”

“Because I’m not myself when I’m hungry?!” Ama asked, snatching the candy bar from Yata and eating it.

“So while she’s munching on chocolate,” Yata said with a sigh of relief, “the female mouse with jaw-length hair explains to the others about what Marcell’s secret is. Oh, and they all come up with an… actually brilliant plan to ruin Marcell Toing. The plan is to invade on the humans as they eat, and scare them to the point where the humans call the health inspectors and shut them down, thus Marcell and his friends cannot get their resources from them. How it’s done, though… is painful.

(A/N: Luckily for you, I didn’t find the clip to show you. So… if you’re a big AniMat fan or if you’re just straight-up curious, go ahead and watch it…)

“Ironic as it sounds, though…,” Ama said with a sigh. “A week later, and the business is still open. Dumbasses.”

“So apparently,” Yata continued, “the customers are sick and tired of the strawberry, and by the time Thursday comes… we get another short montage? Why?? Why are you repeating scenes~??”

“So Marcell sees cheese on mice traps,” Ama said with a frown, “and even Carol warns him. He doesn’t take it, though. And we get the stupidest line in the world.”

(Carol: Hey, Marcell! Are you… okay?
Marcell: The food is attached to a trap!
Carol: I knew there’d be trouble! WE never saw traps here before!!)

“… you’re a rat…,” Ama said with a frown. “YOU SEE THEM EVERYWHERE!!”

“Okay, Marcell treads carefully,” Yata continued, “and he finds a chocolate bar.”

(Marcell: *tries to lift up the chocolate bar*)

“… so… is this gonna be about lifting the, uh…?” Ama asked in confusion as she sees Marcell trying to lift up the chocolate bar once again. “Okay~… So a cat… that’s a cat, right? … oh, God. They tried to animate a cat and it turned out to be a catastrophe! … uh, n-no pun intended.”

“So Marcell has no problems picking up the chocolate bar and running away from the cat,” Yata said, holding a bottle of cold beer to her head, “and… oh, we see how it runs… okay, I have to.”

“Marcell is still running from the cat,” Yata said with a frown, “and the cat being a prick moves the line. This causes Marcell to leave the chocolate bar behind and go away safe and sound… only to come away without anything.”

“This results in them having little to no resources,” Ama said, “and Marcell does not like the situation whatsoever. Filler passes by, and it’s Thursday. It’s time for the group to back to the same place… and there’s another g**damn montage!! WE GET IT!! MOVE ALONG!!”

“After repeating those scenes AGAIN,” Yata said, facepalming in anger, “the antagonist rats… the one with the fake mustache and Oscar the Glasses-Wearing guy… follow them. Marcell – being a dumbass – calls out the cat to check and see if he’s there… and after he tells them about the cheese, Carol and Greg tell him about the cat.”

(Carol: And what about the cat?!
Marcell: There’s no sign of him! I checked everywhere!
Greg: Look behind you!!
Marcell: *panics as he looks behind him and sees the cat*)

“So Marcell gets chased by the cat,” Ama said, grabbing a bottle of Coca Cola, “and while the cat stands there and sees the other two like dumbasses, Marcell tries to distract the cat, and he ends up throwing something… I don’t get any of this. This gets the cat chasing Marcell like a derpy fangirl.”

“Greg and Carol finish gathering their cheese,” Yata said with a sigh, “and the two antagonist mice… the male ones… threaten them with toothpicks. Really? Guys, you’re making Mihawk’s little knife look deadlier than that!!”

“… why couldn’t they just climb up there and get their own damn cheese…?” Ama asked, realizing what the threat was. “So he explains his reasoning, and Carol comes to the conclusion: not only are those antagonist rats stupid, but that they were why the area is like so.”

“So Carol tries to warn them,” Yata said with a frown, “and those antagonist rats get caught by the cat, whose name is… Paolo… okay, we have the name of the cats, but not of the other rats other than Oscar?!

“So, the restaurant is saved,” Ama said with an sigh, “and the two mice are sent to… what could be the worst thing to ever happen: an area that is like the concentration camp to us humans… an out of town laboratory. That’s some anti-hero sh*t.”

“And they all lived happily ever after,” Yata said with a mocking smile, which turned into a frown, “all while Greg says “precisely” as many times as Sanji calls Zoro Mosshead for reasons!!”

Ratatoing Review End</b>
“And that was Ratatoing,” Ama said with a small smile, only to frown. “WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT!!?
“Why in the name of God would anybody review this, especially us!!? The animation’s horrible, the dialogue is so painful that it makes the 4Kids’ voice acting better… then again, it doesn’t help that those who did this movie were the original voice actors of the Sonic series and Yu-Gi-Oh!!”

“The movie is terrible as a whole,” Yata said with a frown. “No songs, which is good, but everyone sounds like they rushed this in order to get this done. Video Brinquedo, shame on you!!”

“So, I’m Amaterasu,” Ama said with a sigh of relief.

“And I’m Yatagarasu,” Yata said with a small smile.

“And we’ll see you later!!” Ama and Yata said with a small wave.

Songs: None, thank God
Animation: So terrible it’s not even funny
Character Development: Where they at, though?
Stars: 0/5
Buy, Borrow, or Burn: Let it burn, let it burn!
Ratatoing Movie Review
You know it’s bad if the damn trailer is monotonous as all hell. Yeah~… God gave up on this one. So, everyone, this is my last movie review for the year… maybe second to last depending if I wanna torture myself a wee bit more.
This movie’s birth is not of my doing. It happens to be Video Brinquedo’s doing.
The videos and pictures used here belong to their rightful owners.
As for Ama and Yata, they belong to me.
UPDATE: Had to redo because videos weren't showing for some reason.

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   Two years… almost two years has passed by since you – (f/n) (l/n) – have went to the Rommel Kingdom on the order of the king. Two years since you have met that friend who had befriended you. And exactly two years since you had survived the attack from the so-called “Kamaitachi” of Rommel, to which it turned out to be a man.
   Exactly two years has passed, and you have changed drastically. From the attack on Rommel against you and your men who have died back then, you have gained two scars: a well-healed one on your cheek and a multiple-stitched one on your left side. You had your (h/l), (h/c) hair down, and you were wearing your normal Marine attire fit with the Vice Admiral jacket to top it all off. On your back is your katana, Hanabira, a gift you had received a year ago.

   What were you doing, exactly? What you were ordered to do by Admiral Aokiji, of course, which happened to be searching on New World seas for pirates. You were doing so, all while looking at the poster that had caught your eyes a few weeks ago. The WANTED poster you had received was of the man you had met exactly two years ago. Cavendish </i>of the White Horse</i>, WANTED dead or alive for 280,000,000 Berries.

Oh, Cavendish…, you thought, looking at the poster with a sigh. I friggin’ wonder why you got this WANTED poster. Oh, wait… why am I asking myself the question when I very well know the answer.
   Much to your chagrin, one that is mixed with a little bit of joy, you have encountered Cavendish previously. Much to your surprise, though, you could never figure out whether that… other</b> side of him is real or something out of The Phantom of the Opera.

Encounter #1
   You had remembered it like it was yesterday. You had bumped into Cavendish the day you were to find out what the Kamaitachi was, and he had made you feel welcome to a place you knew you couldn’t stay in for vacation. He made you feel like you were at home.
   All the while, your brain had been working on the theory about how the Kamaitachi was a person. However, the Angel and the Devil on your shoulders fought to tell you what to friggin’ do the night you figured out the truth. The Angel on your right shoulder had told you to kill him off and rid him of the world, but the little Devil on your left shoulder had said to risk the trouble you were going to get in and let him go. You listened to the little Devil, and risked the trouble, only to get out of it clean thanks to the fact that you were the only survivor of that bloody night.

Encounter #2
   Oddly enough, while you were sailing the Grand Line a year ago, you encountered Cavendish while you were on vacating away from those you called “crazy people,” namely Admiral Akainu. You decided that the month-long break was worth it when you and he had decided to hang out for a bit.
   Once again, the little Angel had told you to kill him in his sleep, neither forgiving nor forgetting that night the Kamaitachi attacked you and your men. However, the little Devil had told you to take a rest, have fun with him, and get to know him a little more. Once again, you listened to the little Devil on your left shoulder, and you realized how informative that turned out to be.

   Not only did you meet his trusty steed, Farul, but you found out about his… conditions. He had narcolepsy, is a sleepwalker, and has something called Dissociative identity disorder. You didn’t know what the last one meant, but you were damn sure that you had been around Vice Admiral Garp enough to know what narcolepsy and sleepwalking were.
   Aside from this, you enjoyed your vacating, and it seems like Cavendish enjoyed your company, as when you left, he gave you a little gift: Hanabira, the katana that replaced your old friend, White Butterfly.

End of Encounter Recalls

   Just as you recalled your encounters, you hear the little Angel and little Devil arguing again. Ever since you’ve encountered Cavendish, these two bastards have been fighting as if the war between Heaven and Hell had begun.

Use his disorders against him next time, (f/n)! you heard the Angel telling you, making you think that she was the little Devil. Next time you encounter him, that’s when you make him tired, and once you do, that’s when you strike!

Don’t listen to the little brat! the little Devil’s voice said, making you hit your head against the wooden desk. She’s just mad that you met a guy who introduced himself to you! He’s even nice enough to give you letters, (f/n)! Think about that, will ya?!

“Ooh, shut up, both of you!!” you shouted, tugging on your (h/l) hair in anger. “You’ve been arguing ever since two years ago~!!”

“Vice Admiral?” a voice said, making you turn to the luckily-locked door.

“What is it, Rear Admiral Scotts Borrow!?” you asked, angry at the Angel and Demon and frustrated at who had to hear you fuss at this time.

“Are you arguing with yourself again?” asked the Rear Admiral from behind the shut door, worried about you, apparently.

“I’ll live~!” you shouted, and you were answered with the sound of footsteps walking away from the door.

I swear…, you thought, pulling out a book about Dissociative identity disorder. That man has made me become a two-thought person when it comes to him. Yes, he’s responsible for what happened two years ago, but he’s a close friend of mine… God, I think I’ve become delusional since then!
   To stop yourself from talking to yourself once again, you began to read about what was originally called multiple personality disorder. From what you’ve learned, it is a mental disorder that is characterized by the appearance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring “dissociated personality states” that control the person’s behavior… alternately. What kicked you in the ass is how it is paired with memory impairment that is not explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

“The f*ck did he even get this thing from?!” you asked, moving on to read the causes of such a disorder. “‘Those with this disorder often report that they have experienced physical and sexual abuse…’ damn. But he doesn’t look like he went through THAT much trauma… oh, wait… ‘others reported an early loss, serious medical illness, or other traumatic events…’ Okay, now I’m confused. It’s caused by one thing or another… and the Angel on my right shoulder wanted me to use this against Cavendish. That’s… that’s f*cked up.”

“Vice Admiral!!” shouted Rear Admiral Scotts, knocking on the door like his life was at its wit’s end. “Vice Admiral!!”

“Oh, now what?!” you shouted as you got up and walked to the door. “Is the wind scratching you up?!”

“That’s exactly it, Vice Admiral (f/n)!!” Scotts shouted as you opened the door, seeing that he’s received two slashes. “A pirate ship appeared next to us, and the next thing we knew, the wind started attacking us!!!”

Oh, sh*t, you thought, your mind going back to when you were attacked by the wind itself. That means…

“Rear Admiral, stay here until I tell you it’s safe!” you shouted, running up the stairs and heading outside. “Don’t you dare give any other orders until I say so!!”

“Yes, ma’am!!” Rear Admiral Scotts shouted, not understanding why you didn’t laugh at the “joke-that-became-serious” like you have always done beforehand.

   Kicking the door open, you looked on the deck and saw what you had remembered seeing on that rainy night two years ago. Not many soldiers were down, but it was enough to dye the wooden deck red. You counted… 2 fatalities, and the rest wounded as you noticed a few moving. Looking around, you grabbed the nearest thing that could help you in a situation like this: a fish net that was used for catching many fishes.

Oh, I’m glad I ordered metal nets since the last one broke after our encounter with a Fishman, you thought, thankful that you remembered what happened.
   Taking a deep breath, you calmed yourself down and remembered your training with Haki. Looking around the area, you were searching for the aura rather than the man that had attacked your men and that had struck you down years ago. As you locked on to your target, who was heading straight on for you, you concocted a strategy that not even he would forget.

   Immediately, you dropped the metal fishnet and pulled your arms out your sleeves. As soon as your arms were freed of the jacket, you quickly threw it to the aura in front of you. The plan seemed to work, as the person appeared – the demonic-looking face familiar to you – and sliced up the jacket. Using Hanabira, you stabbed through the fishnet and into the ground so it wouldn’t move, and you charged head-first towards the familiar face. With a war cry, you apprehended the man via quickly wrapping him in the net, and he and you fell on the ground together with a thud.

“I caught you now, Kamaitachi of Rommel!!” you shouted, a proud smirk on your face as you watched the Kamaitatchi struggle. “Oi!! Scotts!! I caught the person!!!”
   The sounds footsteps followed soon, and Rear Admiral Scotts opened the door to see if you had been right. Much to his surprise, he saw the suspect you had apprehended, and he connected the dots immediately.

“That was a human who attacked us?!” the Rear Admiral said in shock.

“Yes, Rear Admiral,” you said, sitting on top of the Kamaitachi. “You see, two years ago, I was a naïve Commodore who had a run-in with this man. He killed all my men and gave me the two scars. He was known as the Kamaitachi of Rommel, the “wind” who cut up those who roamed the streets of Rommel at night.”

“The same wind that cut up those people is him?!” Scotts asked, confused at the summary you had given him.

“Yes, but now’s not the time,” you said, laughing a bit. “Gather the fallen men and take them to the ship’s doctor, especially the two closest to the pirate’s ship. They got hit harder than you and the others combined.”

“Y-Yes, ma’am!” the Rear Admiral shouted, beginning to gather those who were able to walk and others who were unable to.
   You watched the men who were downed by the Kamaitachi, naming those who could possibly walk again and those who would have to retire. Just as you were doing so, the little Angel and little Devil reappeared once again, arguing once more until the Rear Admiral had picked up the men.

“Well, well, Kamaitachi,” you said as you got up, looking at the pirate ship in curiosity, “you’ve became an outlaw after all. Why I am not surprised is beyond me… no matter. You are under arrest for homicide, as well as attacking my men today.”
   You turned to the Kamaitachi, and upon looking back, you saw him struggling not to get out, but to… gain control. Curiously, you watched, wondering what would happen next. As you watched, you saw that the demonic face quickly changed to what seemed to be… Cavendish’s face, only to revert back to the demonic face.

Is he…? you thought, recognizing the blue eyes as you watched the Kamaitachi struggle with your (e/c) eyes.
   Continuing to struggle, the Kamaitachi seemed to be attempting to regain control. Sadly, that did not seem to happen, as through sheer willpower, the familiar face of Cavendish appeared, this time, maintaining control.

“Dammit, Hakuba!!” Cavendish yelled, catching you by surprise as he breathed in and out.

What… the serious… f*ck…? you thought to yourself, watching Cavendish in confusion. I knew he was the Kamaitachi, but… who’s Hakuba?

“Cavendish!” you said, catching his attention. “You have an alter ego?!”

“Sorry, (f/n),” he said, looking at you with his normal blue eyes. “I do. He’s… bad news. He just attacks people at random…”
   Once again, he struggled for control, and thanks to his narcolepsy, Cavendish fell asleep once more. With that, the demonic face – who you have now identified as Hakuba thanks to Cavendish – reappeared once more, the smile wide as he eyed you with blank eyes.

“I’ll cut it all up!!” Hakuba said, making you back up and wanting to grab the nearest weapon you can find. “Not just you, but your underlings as well!! I will cut everything up!!”

Oh, my God, you thought as Hakuba continued to throw threats of cutting you up. I wish I knew this beforehand… oh, wait. I did. I just didn’t know how CRAZY he was!!
   However, the threats stopped as Hakuba frowned once more, struggling for control again. Just as you watched on once again, you noticed his blank-white eyes receiving the blue eyes you knew belonged to Cavendish.

“Go away, will you?!” Cavendish shouted as if he was conversing with another person other than you. “You will not</b> control me!!”
   Once again, Cavendish fell asleep, and Hakuba took control again.

“Shut up and sleep, Cavendish!!” Hakuba shouted just as you sat down and watched the show without the comfort of popcorn.

   Just as Cavendish continued to argue with Hakuba, the little Angel and little Demon were conversing and agreed on one thing: this is some freaky sh*t they were witnessing. You couldn’t blame them, as you were watching intently with confusion written clearly on your countenance. Then again, you were wondering who of which would win the battle of control, as you knew he had that identity disorder.

Man, I thought I had some problems…, you thought as you witnessed Hakuba and Cavendish shouting some nonsense to each other. I’ve heard of talking to yourself, but this is ridiculous.

“I won’t let you hurt her!” Cavendish shouted to Hakuba as you watched intently.

“I’ll finish her!!” Hakuba shouted as he gained control.

“You won’t!”

“I will!”

“You won’t!”

“I will!”

   As you watched on, you noticed that something was happening. Half of Cavendish’s face was dark and had a blue eye, and the other half of Cavendish’s face was the same natural Cavendish, but with a hazel eye.

“You won’t/I will!!” both Cavendish and Hakuba said at the same time, catching you off-guard with their sharing faces.

THEY’RE LITERALLY HALF-AND-HALF!!! you shouted in your head, making the little Angel and Demon fall off your shoulders just as your eyes widened upon witnessing half of Hakuba’s face and half of Cavendish’s face.
   As soon as the little Angel and Demon climbed their way back onto your shoulders, Cavendish and Hakuba struggled for power over the body they were forced to seemingly share.

“Will you shut up, Hakuba!!?” Cavendish shouted, finally regaining control of his body. “I’m the only Cavendish!!”

“Uhh…,” that was all you, the little Angel, and the little Demon could say as you all stared in Cavendish in confusion. “Huh…??”

“I apologize for that, (f/n),” Cavendish said after calming down. “You can let go of me now.”

“Ack-ga-ba-ARE YOU F*CKING INSANE!!?” you shouted as you comically snapped out of your confused state. “After seeing you argue with yourself or… whoever the f*ck that was, do you think I would let you go after seeing you switch between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on me?!

“It’s fine, I promise,” Cavendish said, looking up at you with his normal blue eyes. “Hakuba’s under control for now! Trust me!”

“Trust you?!” you said, comically sweating in confusion. “Trust you?! Exactly why?! Give me one good reason to let you go!!”
   As soon as you said those words, you rubbed your temples as if to calm yourself down from the situation at hand. Silence filled the air as nothing was said between you and him, especially him.

“(f/n)…,” Cavendish said once he gathered the words he needed to say. “Hakuba won’t harm you, I promise. Even if I sacrifice my sanity, at least it’ll be done for your sake. Hakuba;s not coming out soon. Please, believe me…”
   Looking at Cavendish, you see something gleam in his eye that is normally not seen in the previous men you’ve encountered: honesty. With a small tint of pink on your cheeks, you heard the Angel and the Demon arguing again on your shoulders.

(f/n), don’t listen to him!! the Angel shouted at you. He nearly killed your men again! Do you think you can trust him after what happened?!

Oh, shut up!! shouted the Demon. You’re no Angel at all! You want to kill him for the crime he’s committed two years ago!! Can’t you see that she likes him!!

Okay, fine! the Angel shouted. (F/n), you decide!!
   With that said, you walked over to Hanabira and picked your blade up. Upon hearing the Angel joyously shout a Hallelujah, you sheathed the blade and unwrapped Cavendish from the metal fishnet, which proved to be much harder than you thought. After what seemed to be weeks, you finally got the fishnet off him.

“This is the only time I’m letting you go, okay?” you said, escorting Cavendish to his ship. “Before you go, however, I need to do two things.”

“I appreciate it, (f/n),” Cavendish said with a small smile. “How can I-?”

SLAP, SLAP!!! Before Cavendish could even finish his sentence, you slapped him twice. Comically crying, he held his cheeks in pain as he looked at you in shock.

“Hey, what was that for~?!” Cavendish asked, comically hurt from the slaps you’ve given him. “And why’d you slap me twice!!?”

“The first slap was for attacking me and my men two years ago,” you explained just as the handsome blonde rubbed his cheeks gently, “and the second was for attacking my men today.”

“That was Hakuba, though~!” Cavendish said comically. “I didn’t mean to-!”

   Grabbing the collar of his shirt, you pulled him close and laid your lips onto his right cheek. With a MM-WAH~, you left a (ls/c) mark on his cheek. Much to your surprise, it was his turn to have the pink tint on his cheeks.

“Wha…?” Cavendish began, but lost his train of thought as he placed a hand on his right cheek.

“Actually…,” you said, a small smile gracing your lips. “That was for keeping Hakuba under control… and this is for the explanation.”
   Leaning in, you kissed his left cheek. Just as you pulled away (and left another (ls/c) mark on that cheek), you were pulled back to him as his arms wrapped around you, pulling you into a hug.

“Thank you, (f/n),” Cavendish whispered, making you blush and smile as you hugged him back.

“Anything for you,” you said with a small smile, and upon saying that, you heard the Angel screaming in anger as the Devil only smiled.
   Just as quick as you were pulled into the hug, you and he separated, and he got onto his ship.

“Until next time, Cavendish ‘of the White Horse,’” you said with a smile as his ship sailed away, earning a wave with a hat in his hand from the man you stole your heart.
   As you watched the ship sail away until it was out of sight, the sound of footsteps caught your ears. You turned your attention the entrance of the ship, only to see Rear Admiral Scotts.

“Vice Admiral, the ship’s getting away!!” the Rear Admiral proclaims, preparing to give an order.

“I’ll explain,” you said, cutting him off just before he could give the order. “I want you to report to my office. I will tell you why I didn’t take the “wind” cutting you and the others up as a joke like I usually do.”

“U-Uhh…,” Rear Admiral Scotts says, confused as to why. “B-But Vice Admiral-.”

“Are you going against my orders?” you asked, looking over your shoulder and giving him the “Try It and See What Happens” glare.

“N-No, ma’am!!” the Rear Admiral said as he saluted, thus turning to head to your office. “I-I’ll be waiting there, Vice Admiral~!!”
   With a shake of your head and a sigh, you turned to follow after the Rear Admiral, having got nothing to do but to explain to him. Just before you entered the ship, however, you looked back into the distance where Cavendish and his ship sailed.

Yeah…, you thought with a small smile. You’re worth making me defy the Angel and listen to the Demon… hell, you’re worth making me go insane.

The End</b>
Worth Losing My Sanity (Cavendish x Marine!Reader)
SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT AT THE DRESSROSA ARC YET!!!! So, I wanted to make a sequel to The Kamaitachi of Rommel, and here it is after almost two years. Now that we have FULL-BLOWN information on BOTH Hakuba and Cavendish with the help of the manga, I feel like it’s time to actually put it into good use here. The alternate title to this story is “Of Angels and Demons” due to how I’ve mentioned the little Angel and the little Devil. You know the ones… the ones that be on your shoulders like Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove. No? Just me? O-Okay.

Also, raise your hands if you knew that Hakuba can talk before it being official. Me? I made it a headcanon before it became canon… does that mean I called it by accident or on purpose? Okay, so ignoring that rhetorical question, I referred to the episodes 712-713, as well as Chapter 773.

One Piece and Characters rightfully belong to Eiichiro Oda
You belong to… yourself, of course.
Rear Admiral Scotts Borrow is a completely made up character.
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Heh, Welcome aboard...

psa public safety issueplease read this and spread it like wild fire, this is highly important and concerning
**tw rape mentions**
this group is a "make rape legal" group and the head of it has admitted to assaulting and raping women before
the tweet has a link to the places they plan to meet to attack and assault women
if you are female identifying or are of the female sex please take caution if you live in these areas or plan to be in/near these areas at any time soon
your safety is the utmost importance
if you read in the tweets youll see that the orlando police twitter has responded to this itself stating that they will be letting the proper officials know
please stay safe you guys <3

You know what makes me sick...? People like this man and his followers (and so many more who do... HORRIBLE things). What I don't like is feeling unsafe in my area, ESPECIALLY on a Saturday night. 

Please, for everyone's safety, SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!!

Thanks to :iconego-man25:, :iconxfangheartx:, and :iconyellowpikmin88: for the warning in the journals.

EDIT: So I realized my disgust for these... "make rape legal" group is too strong. They are the f*ckers. No one else but those who are associated with the "make rape legal" group (and any other crime against God and humanity). For this, I apologize for letting my disgust get the better of me.

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